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Dementia Care: A Huge Financial Burden for U.S. Families

Annual costs may top $320,000, study estimates

For Newly Insured Under Obamacare, a Steep Learning Curve

Pay attention to health plan details to avoid trouble and expense, experts advise

U.S. Health Spending Rising Modestly, Report Finds

More consumer cost-sharing is tempered by lower prescription drug prices

Almost 15 Percent of Americans Still Uninsured, Report Finds

Experts note numbers of uninsured should drop as final phase of 'Obamacare' is rolled out

No Promises on Nov. 30 Obamacare Website Fix: U.S. Technology Chief

Pressure mounts for solutions to health-law problems as deadline nears

Many Americans Worry About Cost of Long-Term Care: Poll

Harris Interactive/HealthDay survey also finds most are mistaken about how costs are covered now

Companies to Donate Prosthetic Legs to Boston Bombing Victims in Need

Even if patients lack insurance to cover costs, prosthetic makers' coalition vows to help them walk again

Many Lacked Preventive Care Before Health Reform Law: U.S. Report

Only about half of American adults got screenings, medications to ward off disease

Health Care Reform Helps Small Businesses Offer Coverage: Report

Tax credits, new options will leave more employees insured, Commonwealth Fund study says

Poll Finds Americans Blame Insurers, Drug Companies for Rising Health Costs

But the real drivers are higher fees, increased utilization and more sophisticated and costly medical technologies, some experts say

U.S. Spending on Health Care Slowed in 2008

National cost still reached $2.3 trillion, government report shows

Caring for Aging Loved Ones Can Be a Catch-22

Journalist Gail Sheehy's painful passage through U.S. health system echoes that of many caregivers

Report Compares Health-Care Platforms of Presidential Candidates

Commonwealth Fund says both want to widen availability of health insurance, but by vastly different means

Uninsured Get Less Health Care Than Insured

And they spend billions out of pocket for what they do receive, new report shows

High Costs Force Third of Americans to Skip Needed Health Care

AFL-CIO report found 95 percent of those surveyed feel U.S. system needs overhaul

Almost 2 Million U.S. Vets Lack Health Insurance

Income levels bar many from VA health services, researcher says

Iraq Vets Falling Through Health-Care Cracks

Despite lifesaving care, many with severe head injuries not getting follow-up they need, report suggests

Retirees' Share of Health Tab Creeps Higher

Challenges lie ahead for early retirees, survey suggests

Older Americans Fret About Health Insurance

Many favor concept of savings accounts to offset later expenses, survey finds

Long-Term Care Insurance: Buyer Beware

Coverage for nursing homes, assisted-living facilities isn't for everyone