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Avandia May Slow Atherosclerosis After Bypass Surgery

But this new study of diabetes drug doesn't prove it's safe, critics say

Small Brain Lesions More Common Than Thought in Those Over 60

High blood pressure, smoking, genetics determine where they occur

Two Drugs Better Than One for High Blood Pressure

Pairing ACE inhibitor with calcium channel blocker beat pairing it with diuretic; Celebrex study finds dose related to heart risk

Elderly Can Benefit From High Blood Pressure Treatment

Lowering pressure significantly reduces risk of stroke and heart failure for those over 80, study finds

ACE Inhibitor as Effective as More Expensive Blood Pressure Drug

Study focused on more than 17,000 people with coronary artery disease or diabetes

Toxic Sewer Gas Induces Suspended Metabolism in Mice

Heart rate dropped 50% while maintaining blood pressure

High Blood Pressure Runs in Families

Long-term study firms up link between parents' hypertension, kids' lifetime risk

Happy Marriage, Happy Heart

Study finds contented mates enjoy lower blood pressure

Balance in Old Age Tied to Brain Changes

Monitoring white matter levels may assist early identification of walking problems

Vaccine Could One Day Control High Blood Pressure

Preliminary study results encouraging; it would only be needed a few times a year

Smoking Boosts 'Bleeding' Stroke Risk in Those With High Blood Pressure

Study says tobacco use may further damage already weakened vessels

Viral Infections Tied to Pregnancy Complications

Exposure, especially to herpes, linked to high blood pressure, preterm births, study finds

New Stroke Therapies Show Promise

Clot buster works longer than thought, lowering blood pressure limits damage, and vacuum device sucks up clots safely for 8 hours

Stroke Risk Factors Drain Memory

Cognitive powers decline faster among those who have a higher chance of brain attack

Most With High Blood Pressure Don't Follow Recommended Diet

Those who could benefit most have the poorest eating habits

High Blood Pressure on Increase Among American Women

State-by-state survey also found prevalence rate among men not as low as should be

Black Men Most at Risk for Kidney Disease Complications

Black women also less likely to have blood pressure under control, study finds

Sugary Soft Drinks Boost Gout Risk in Men

Just 2 or more beverages a day increased chances by 85%, study finds

Genetics Influence Blood Pressure Medications

A person's gene profile seems to dictate response, study finds

Liver Cancer Drug Raises Blood Pressure

Patients taking Nexavar need to be monitored closely, study says

Priming Heart Before an Attack Could Limit Damage

Animal study shows preconditioning cardiac cells helps organ better tolerate loss of blood flow

Lowering Co-Pays on Some Drugs Help Fight Chronic Diseases

Study found patients started using preventive medicines more often

New Cancer Drug Boosts Blood Pressure

But doctors say sunitinib's benefits outweigh its risks

New Cancer Drug Tied to Heart Problems

Sutent linked to hypertension, heart events in patients battling stomach cancer

High Blood Pressure Key Factor for Cardiovascular Disease

Only one-third to one-half of those getting treatment reach their target levels, survey finds

Amount of Exercise Key to Lowering Kids' Blood Pressure

Study finds total levels of activity more important than intensity

Hypertension Linked to Risk of Mild Cognitive Impairment

Study suggests it may cause the effect through cerebrovascular disease

Pedometer Pushes People to Walk More

More steps lead to lower blood pressure, more weight loss, study finds

High Blood Pressure Linked to Disability, Dementia

Controlling hypertension might stave off problems of aging, studies suggest

Severe Urinary Problems Boost Death Risk in Older Men

Those over 45 face an almost 24-fold increase in mortality, study says

'Empty-Calorie' Diet Tied to Preclinical Heart Disease

Regimens heavy on fats, sweets boost the risk, researchers find

Energy Drinks Could Pose Blood Pressure Risks

Medicated heart patients might be in danger, study suggests

Study Describes Molecules That Control Blood Pressure

The finding involving proteins could lead to new treatments, researchers say

Weight Loss Can Control Hypertension

A 6-month diet restored normal blood pressure, study finds

Blood Pressure Drug Combo Helps Diabetic Hearts

Large, long-term global study shows diuretic plus ACE inhibitor reduced risk of dying from heart disease

Agent Orange May Boost Vietnam Vets' Hypertension Risk

Federal report also revisits risks for a number of cancers

A Bite of Chocolate a Day May Keep Blood Pressure at Bay

Limited amounts of dark chocolate lower blood pressure, German researchers report

Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Lower Blood Pressure

The nutrients are found in certain fish, nuts, seeds and vegetable oils

Soy Nuts Lower Blood Pressure in Postmenopausal Women

Adding half a cup to daily diet also cut 'bad' cholesterol, study finds

Worksite Health Programs Boost the Bottom Line: Study

Better control of diabetes, heart disease means more productive workers

Certain ACE Inhibitors Cut Elderly Dementia Risk

Drugs able to cross blood-brain barrier cut mental decline by 50%, study found

Most Americans Don't Have High Blood Pressure Under Control

The condition raises the risk of heart attack and stroke, study authors note

Cut Your Salt Use and Cut Your Risk of Heart Disease

It can also reduce your chances of dying from cardiovascular disease, study finds

Hot Flashes in Women Tied to Higher Blood Pressure

Systolic/diastolic readings more than 10 points higher on average, study finds

Monitoring Blood Pressure Is Everyone's Business

May 17 marks World Hypertension Day, and the focus is on prevention, lifestyle changes

Restless Legs Syndrome Boosts Heart Risks

Repetitive nature of neurological disorder increases blood pressure, study says

Cutting-Edge Devices Assist Cardio Treatments

Experimental technologies proving their mettle as powerful tools for docs

Sleep Apnea Increasingly Tied to Heart Risks: Study

Mounting data suggest causative role in cardiovascular disease

Whole-Grain Cereals Cut Heart Risks: Study

High-fiber breakfast not just for kids anymore, researchers say

Common Painkillers May Cause Hypertension in Men

Acetaminophen, ibuprofen and aspirin might affect chemicals that help blood vessels relax