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Diet to Reduce Blood Pressure May Also Stave Off Kidney Stones

Study found DASH diet just as effective, less limiting, than traditional eating plan

Blood Pressure Meds May Raise Risk of Serious Falls for Seniors

Study found those over 70 who took medications were up to 40 percent more likely to be injured

Vegetarian Diet May Help Lower Blood Pressure, Research Suggests

Japanese review of 39 studies shows a meatless menu might boost cardiovascular health, but the findings are preliminary

Doctors Slower to Prescribe High Blood Pressure Meds to Younger Patients

Study found age was a factor in how quickly patients got treatment

Another Win for the Mediterranean-Style Diet

Firefighters who followed it most closely saw less weight gain, lower risk of heart trouble

Low Vitamin D Could Up Risk for Birth Complication: Study

Preeclampsia occurs when blood pressure suddenly rises, experts explain

High Blood Pressure in Young Adults Could Mean Heart Trouble in Middle Age

25-year study tied even slight rise in early adulthood to future risk of clogged arteries

Sunlight Might Be Good for Your Blood Pressure: Study

Researchers figure out why, suggest not getting enough might raise risk for heart disease

Green Tea May Interfere With a Blood Pressure Medicine

Tiny, early study found reduced blood levels of nadolol among green tea drinkers

High Blood Pressure May Be Worse for Women

Study found differences in factors that cause condition

Too Few Americans Aware of Their High Blood Pressure: Study

Researchers looked at nearly 70,000 adults in southeastern U.S.

Study Finds Black Women Most Likely to Have High Blood Pressure

Treatment focus must shift from middle-aged male smokers, researcher says

Anxiety Tied to Stroke Risk in Study

But direct link not proven

Obesity Tied to Decline in Kidney Function

Study looked at blood-testing methods to detect changes before symptoms begin

New Blood Pressure Guidelines Raise the Bar for Taking Medications

Expert panel says treating some earlier with drugs shows little benefit, but other groups express concern

Bad Night's Sleep May Raise Blood Pressure in Kids

Study from China followed normal-weight teens, and found a slight increase in pressure

Healthy Lifestyle May Mean Healthy Pregnancy

Study pinpointed good and bad habits that could affect risk of complications

Study Finds Two Drugs Aren't Better Than One for Kidney Disease

Combo used in patients with diabetes led to more kidney problems, damage

Certain Allergies Plus Blood Pressure Meds Could Be Bad Mix

People on ACE inhibitors can experience oral allergy syndrome, a rare reaction to some fruits, vegetables

Kidney Patients May Gain From Less Salt

Small study showed reductions in blood pressure, less fluid retention

Snoring in Pregnancy Tied to Possible Health Concerns

Study saw higher rates of C-sections, smaller babies

Stroke Affecting Younger People Worldwide, Study Shows

Preventive measures urgently needed to reverse this trend, researchers say

Link Seen Between Hardening of Arteries, Alzheimer's Plaques

Study of patients in their 80s looked at plaque deposits in their brains

U.S. Panel Rejects Blood Pressure Screening for Kids, Teens

Despite calls for routine testing, task force finds lack of evidence it would help

More Evidence That Exercise Can Help Prevent High Blood Pressure

Study found that leisure-time activity was more beneficial than activity at work

Blood Pressure Drug Might Boost Chemo Success, Mouse Study Suggests

Trial under way on patients with pancreatic cancer

Genes Tied to High Blood Pressure Found in Black Americans

Study findings may lead to discovery of useful targets for new treatments, researcher says

Childhood Obesity Quadruples Chances of Adult Hypertension: Study

Even being overweight when young was found to double high blood pressure risk in long-term study

Half of People With High Blood Pressure Don't Know It

Global study found problem in wealthy and low-income countries alike

Model Program Boosts Blood-Pressure Control for Patients

Single-pill approach, large patient registry among key points for success in study

Many Risk Factors for Early Dementia Can Show Up in Teens

Alcohol abuse topped the list in large study of Swedish men

Vitamin D Supplements Don't Lower Blood Pressure: Study

No improvement seen in older adults with hypertension after one year

Eye Photography May Reveal Stroke Risk, Study Finds

Imaging might suggest need for more aggressive blood pressure management, experts say

Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure Appears to Improve Results, Study Finds

Patients engaged in their health care do better, expert says

Walking to Work Tied to Lower Diabetes Risk

Car commuters have higher blood pressure, more obesity, U.K. study also found

Channel Blockers for Blood Pressure Linked to Breast Cancer Risk, Study Finds

Association, not cause and effect, noted with long-term use by older women

More Follow-Up Needed for Kids With High Blood Pressure Reading

Only 1 of 5 children was rechecked within a month, study found

Blood Pressure Swings Could Be Linked to Mental Decline: Study

Controlling fluctuations may help keep the mind sharp, experts say

College Football Players May Be At Risk of High Blood Pressure

Study found 14 percent of freshman linemen had hypertension at the end of one season

Study Yields Genetic Clue to Rare Lung Disease

Finding offers insight into pulmonary arterial hypertension, researchers say

Common Blood Pressure Drugs May Help Slow Dementia

Larger message: Better cardiovascular health benefits the brain, expert says

Drug for Pulmonary Hypertension Shows 'Modest' Benefit in Studies

Patients on experimental drug Riociguat were able to walk up to 150 feet farther than others

Regular, Vigorous Exercise May Lower Your Stroke Risk

Direct effect not shown in study, but experts say physical activity's impact is clear

Following Blood Pressure-Drug Schedule May Be Critical to Survival

Risk of stroke, death increased for patients who weren't compliant, study finds

More U.S. Kids May Be at Risk for High Blood Pressure

Study looked at rise in body fat, waist size and salt intake over 13-year period

Pharmacist-Guided Home Blood Pressure Monitoring May Help Patients

Study found combination led to better control of hypertension

Stroke Prevention Tips for Women

Manage risk factors that lie within your control, advises neurologist

Volunteering May Be Good for the Heart in More Ways Than One

Time spent helping others linked to lower blood pressure in older adults, study finds

Study: Low Blood Pressure May Weaken Brains of Some Heart Patients

Pressure that's too low -- or too high -- might damage brain cells, new research suggests

Your Stroke Risk Can Shrink With 7 Lifestyle Changes

Controlling blood pressure is most important, large U.S. study found