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Stem Cells From Testes Produce Wide Range of Tissue Types

Work with mice might lead to treatments for diseases such as diabetes and Alzheimer's

Study Downgrades Gene as Heart Risk Factor

Screening for variations in APO gene not warranted, researchers say

Screening Proposed for Childhood Cholesterol Levels

Treatment would reduce risk of genetic condition that can lead to early death

Jogging in Traffic Cuts Blood Flow to Heart

Men with stable heart disease showed effect after brief exposure to diesel exhaust

Small Incisions Make Heart Valve Surgery Safer

Death risk lowered for those who had undergone previous heart surgery, Belgian study finds

Trial to Test Gene Therapy for Angina in Women

Novel treatment promotes blood vessel growth in heart muscle, researchers say

Stopping Statins After Stroke Doubles Death Risk

Almost 40% of patients stopped taking drugs in Italian study

New Heart Pump Shows Promise in Trial

Smaller, simpler device can be used in more patients, expert says

Embryonic Human Stem Cells May Help Repair Heart Muscle, Lab Study Shows

Problems with cell survival, functioning may have been solved in rat experiments

Drug That Lowers Resting Heart Rate Being Tested

Slower heartbeat linked to better cardiac outcome, scientists report

Diet and Fitness: A Proven Path to Heart Health

Lifestyle changes can slash your risk for cardiovascular disease as well as diabetes

Study Links Diet Soft Drinks With Cardiac Risk

Just one soda a day tied to higher incidence of metabolic syndrome

Molecule Signals Heart Disease in Early Stages

Study found high levels of protein predicted development of cardiovascular trouble

It's Never Too Late to Get Healthy

Even starting in middle age reduces risk of heart disease and death, study shows

Methamphetamine Tied to Heart Problems

Animal studies show the drug damages coronary and blood vessels

Echocardiography Helps Identify Heart Disease

Test is more accurate than others when used in patients at risk, experts say

New Imaging Techniques Hold Promise for Variety of Diseases

Advances could lead to better treatments for illnesses such as heart disease, Alzheimer's, ovarian cancer, studies say

New Drug Fails to Improve Odds for Heart Failure Patients

Survival rates not better when compared with older medication, researchers say

Drop in Cardiac Deaths Tied to Better Treatments, Lifestyles

But rising obesity and diabetes rates could offset those gains, study finds

Researchers ID Genes for Some Common Diseases

They include arthritis, diabetes, heart disease; finding could revolutionize medicine, expert says

More Research That Secondhand Smoke Harms Kids

Even minor exposure can compromise cardiovascular system, study says

Heart Patch Helps Damaged Cardiac Tissue Heal

Biodegradable scaffold worked well in rats induced to have heart attacks

Discrimination Linked to Health Problems Among Minorities

Study of Asian-Americans suggests higher rate of heart trouble, pain, other problems

Getting Swifter Treatment for Deadliest Heart Attacks

American Heart Association to launch national program called 'Mission Lifeline'

High-Tech Images Can Reveal Stent Status

The technology to see if it is open or blocked could one day spare some patients invasive tests, study suggests

Exercise May Boost 'Good' Cholesterol Levels

Aerobic workouts 2 hours a week burned calories, too

Lifestyle Changes Help Older Women's Hearts After HRT

Exercise, better diet cuts cardiovascular risks, study finds

Just 10 Minutes of Daily Exercise Boosts Heart Health

Study finds a little exercise provides cardiovascular benefits, and more is even better

Migraines May Heighten Risk of Vision Problems

Study finds link among middle-aged people with history of the headaches

Fish Oil-Exercise Combo May Boost Cardio Health

Supplement plus workouts raise good cholesterol levels, study finds

Enzyme Puts Brakes on Racing Heartbeat: Study

Finding may lead to better drug treatments for common heart ailments

Higher Dose of Clot-Buster Is Better Before Artery Procedure

Twice as much Plavix halves the number of deaths, heart attacks, study finds

Women Less Likely to Get Treatment After Heart Tests

Many were still not prescribed heart medications 6 months after exam, study found

Implanted Pumps May Help End-Stage Heart Failure Cases

LVADs could allow patients to leave hospital without a transplant, study suggests

Low-Dose Aspirin Best for Preventing Heart Attack

Higher doses no more protective and increase risk of stomach bleeding, study says

Clot-Preventing Drug Improves Heart Blood Flow After Angioplasty

But doctors question whether the practice results in long-term benefits

Stroke Risk Almost Double for Siblings of Those Who've Had Attacks

Study finds genetic link to ischemic incidents, especially in Mexican-Americans

Migraines During Pregnancy Linked to Heart Disease, Stroke

Study advises women to control risk factors such as diabetes and obesity

Fewer Heart Patients Dying After Hospitalization

Improvements in care are cutting heart failure, mortality rates, study finds

Changing Heart Transplant Drugs Could Boost Kidney Function

Gradual switch should benefit patients, researchers say

HIV Drugs May Raise Heart Attack Risk

But the danger from protease inhibitors remains small, experts say

Novel Stent Relieves Acute Heart Pain

It diverts blood to oxygen-starved heart muscle, researchers say

Cut Your Salt Use and Cut Your Risk of Heart Disease

It can also reduce your chances of dying from cardiovascular disease, study finds

Drug-Coated Stents as Good as Bypass Surgery

Study finds complication, survival rates essentially same

Protein Monitoring Improved Heart Failure Treatment

French trial found fewer deaths and hospital stays

Stroke Guidelines Focus on Critical First Hours

Intravenous delivery of clot-busting drug still best treatment for patients, groups concur

Monitoring Blood Pressure Is Everyone's Business

May 17 marks World Hypertension Day, and the focus is on prevention, lifestyle changes

Implantable Defibrillators Offer Heart Patients a Better Quality of Life: Study

Recipients report high level of satisfaction with the devices

Restless Legs Syndrome Boosts Heart Risks

Repetitive nature of neurological disorder increases blood pressure, study says

Study Fails to Confirm Gene Variants as Heart Risk Factors

New method of measuring association holds promise, researchers say