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Weight Gain Seems to Change the Brain's Response to Food

Over time, overeating slows people's built-in reward systems, expert suggest

Grades in High School Might Influence Adult Health

Study of people tracked since the 1950s ties better scores back then to less sickness later

Certain Formulations of Omega-3s Might Help With Depression

A DHA-EPA combo seemed to work, but should never be a patient's only option, experts said

How MS Affects Kids May Differ by Race

Problems with language, complex attention occur more often in blacks than whites, study finds

Concussion Symptoms Can Differ for Boys and Girls

Study of high school athletes shows males more often confused, while females may appear drowsy

New Piece of Alzheimer's Puzzle Identified

Changes in lining of blood vessels appear to contribute to disease, researchers say

Brain Scan Might Someday Spot Autism

Type of MRI showed structural differences in brain circuitry in males with the disorder

Working With Pesticides May Affect Memory and More

Study of agricultural workers reveals loss of thinking skills

Imaging May Reveal Sports-Related Brain Disorder at Early Stage

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is now diagnosed only at autopsy

Kids Can't Accurately Judge Speed of Approaching Cars: Study

Young children can't tell the speed of a vehicle 5 seconds away and moving faster than 20 mph

Cell Dysfunction May Play Part in Autism

Mitochondria, energy center of cell, found impaired in some, researchers report

Acupuncture Really Does Help Relieve Pain: Study

Researchers say it affects perception and processing of discomfort

Scientists Find Way to Partially Reverse Aging in Mice

Impact on people is unclear at this early stage of research, study author says

Scientists Seek the Secrets of Sour Taste

Acidic foods' impact on cells brings people that bitter sensation

Children Born 'Late Pre-Term' More Prone to Low IQ

Risk of attention problems at age 6 also rises for those born between 34 and 36 weeks, study finds

Better Helmet Design Might Lower Soldiers' Risk for Brain Injury

Scientists say adding face shield dulls impact of blasts

Young Motorcycle Riders Suffering More Brain Injuries

Tough universal helmet laws needed to protect them, study finds

Undergrads Who Twitter May Do Better, Study Finds

Social networking seemed to increase student engagement

Key Brain Area for Vision May Be Organized by Color

Finding in monkeys might further understanding of perception, attention, researchers say

For Teen Boys, Heavy Drinking & Impulsivity May Be Vicious Circle

Early use of alcohol could weaken impulse control, leading to more boozing, study suggests

Early 'Pot' Use May Harm Brain More: Study

Smoking before age 16 tied to greater executive function problems

Brain Organizes Itself for Introspection as Children Age: Study

Scans show how activity in disparate neurological regions coalesces as kids mature

Sleep Apnea May Shrink Brain's Gray Matter: Study

But research finds changes somewhat reversible with early detection, treatment

Happiness Is a Focused Mind

When people's minds wandered, they reported more dissatisfaction, study found

Math Skills Boost Couples' Financial Worth: Study

How well married partners score on tests of 'numeracy' seems to affect household wealth

New Tool for Rapid Screening of Dementia Shows Promise

But test scores appears to have a high rate of false positives

Scientists Use Tarantulas to Explore Human Fear

MRIs showed that videos of the spiders activated many different parts of the brain

Research Suggests Link Between 'Handedness' and Dyslexia

Finding based on scan of genomes of 192 children with reading difficulties

Anti-Delirium Drug May Harm Critically Ill Patients

Exelon ineffective, raised risk of death in study

Vitamin E May Pose Slight Bleeding-Stroke Risk

Study finds one additional hemorrhage for every 1,250 persons taking the supplement

Teens of Epileptic Mothers May Lag Academically: Study

Taking more than one anti-seizure drug in pregnancy should be avoided if possible, researchers say

Brain May Be More Developed at Birth Than Thought

Scientists found networks linked to daydreaming were fully formed in newborns

Electrical Brain Stimulation May Boost Math Skills

Adults did better on tests after painless therapy, but more research needed, experts say

Sleep Appears to Aid Learning

Shut-eye helped solidify vocabulary for study volunteers

Good Conversation Can Boost Brain Power, Study Finds

Thinking skills seem to improve with friendly chats, but not from competitive discussions

Gene Associated With Autism May Alter How Brain Functions

Scans show a 'disconnect' in brain areas linked to language in people with the disorder, researchers say

Brain Can Compensate for Cognitive Damage

One area makes up for injuries to the memory and attention center, study finds

Could Anger Make People Want Things More?

Items subliminally tied to the emotion held more allure, researchers found

Study Unmasks the Biology of Bluffing

Brain scans spot cognitive roots of getting others to believe lies are true

Brain Difference Found in Smokers

Part of decision-making center less thick than in people who have never smoked, small study finds

Concussion Should Sideline Athletes: Neurologists

Medical evaluation needed before athlete gets cleared to play, Academy of Neurology advises

Afinitor Approved for Rare Genetic Disorder

Disorder causes non-cancerous brain tumors

Early Humans More Advanced Than Thought

In S. Africa, sophisticated tool-making techniques show up 55,000 years earlier than expected

Brain's Error-Detection System Demystified

Researchers identify two autonomous feedback loops in 'typo' study

PTSD Linked to 'Hyperactivity' in Right Brain

Neurons overfiring even when trauma sufferers were relaxed, researchers found

Brain Deficits Higher in Seniors Who Survive Blood Poisoning

Severe sepsis raises odds of some brain impairment, researchers say

Scans Show How Hormone Levels Affect Female Brain

Fluctuations during menstrual cycle may influence processing of emotional information, study finds

NFL Players With Concussions Sidelined Longer: Study

Team physicians appear to have adopted a more 'conservative approach to concussion management,' neurologist says

New Moms' Brains May Grow After Childbirth

Effect was greatest in those most enthusiastic about their babies, researchers say