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Newer Epilepsy Meds Less Likely to Cause Birth Defects: Study

Low overall risk of major birth defects with first-trimester exposure, researchers find

Many Kids With Epilepsy Don't Take Meds as Prescribed: Study

Lower socioeconomic status raises chances of noncompliance, researchers report

Many With Autism Also Have Treatment-Resistant Epilepsy: Study

Their seizures also tend to start earlier in childhood, research suggests

Having Both Autism and Epilepsy Linked to Raised Death Rates

Study found nearly 40% of brain tissue donors with autism also had epilepsy

People With Epilepsy More Prone to Brain Tumors: Study

Seizures may signal presence of early tumor that hasn't been detected, researchers say

Gender May Play Role in Psych Symptoms in Kids With Epilepsy

Girls had more emotional problems while boys had more inattention/hyperactivity, study found

Surviving Serious Childhood Illness Takes Toll Later: Study

Not achieving educational, work goals can plague young adult survivors, researchers say

Poor People With Epilepsy More Prone to Uncontrolled Seizures

Drug side effects, ER visits also more frequent than in more affluent people with the disorder, study finds

Chopin's Hallucinations Likely Caused by Epilepsy

Composer also had depression, but other symptoms overlooked, researchers say

Animal Study Finds Nerve Stimulation May Thwart Tinnitus

Treatment in rats stops, rather than masks, the problem, researchers say

Epilepsy Drugs May Raise Fracture Risk in Older Adults

Chance of bone breaks varies by specific medication taken, study finds

Healthy Brain Development May Be a Matter of Timing

Study in worms finds far-reaching effects for early connections between cells

Epilepsy Found to Be More Common in U.S. Than Thought

Experts urge more research and funding to meet growing needs

Death Rates Higher for Those With Lasting Epilepsy: Study

But children who outgrow seizures don't face same increased risk

Common Epilepsy Drug Taken During Pregnancy Might Raise Spina Bifida Risk

But absolute risk is small with Tegretol, researchers note

Women Taking Certain Epilepsy Drugs Can Safely Breast-Feed, Study Suggests

Findings could bring valuable guidance to new mothers, experts say

Teens of Epileptic Mothers May Lag Academically: Study

Taking more than one anti-seizure drug in pregnancy should be avoided if possible, researchers say

Study Sees Link Between Epilepsy, Infertility

Drugs used to control the disorder may play a role, experts say

Epilepsy Drugs Don't Raise Suicide Risk, Study Shows

Experts say findings should prompt FDA to remove warning label on medications

Not All Epilepsy Drugs Raise Suicide Risk: Study

Only newer meds tied to depression appear linked to self-harm, researchers say

Brain Injury May Raise Soldier's Epilepsy Risk

Seizure condition can take years to develop, researchers say

Prognosis Good for Most Children With Epilepsy: Study

Kids whose seizures are unrelated to underlying disease or brain damage likely to go into remission, researchers find

Epilepsy Drug Linked to Serious Birth Defects

Taking valproic acid ups risk of brain, heart, limb defects in babies, review shows

Children With Epilepsy Feel on Par With Healthy Siblings

Parents disagree, may underestimate their quality of life, researchers say

Health Tip: Understanding Epilepsy

Here's what may cause it

Parent Error Common When Medicating Chronically Ill Kids

Even well-educated parents need more help with lifesaving drug regimens, study finds

New Migraine Drug Might Be Safer for Some

And an old standby might help prevent headache from starting up, report finds

Missing DNA Linked to Wide Range of Epilepsy Disorders

Finding may help reveal what predisposes someone to the disorder, researcher says

Gene Mutation Ups Risk of Sudden Death in People with Epilepsy

Patients who have gene variant are 10 times more likely to die without warning, study finds

Study Shows Some Anti-Seizure Meds Raise Suicide Risk

But experts note that many taking them already face higher risk for suicide

New Sensors Stick to Organs to Monitor Health

Pliable electronic devices already tracking heart function in pigs, scientists say

Implant Shows Promise for Hard-to-Treat Epilepsy

Pacemaker-like device cut frequency of seizures in study participants

Oldest Epilepsy Drug Best for Children

In landmark trial, it beat two newer meds for treating seizures, with fewer side effects

Using Light to Silence Harmful Brain Activity

Novel tool might lead to treatments for epilepsy, Parkinson's, researchers say

Health Tip: Making Home Safer for People With Epilepsy

Protect against injury during a seizure

Psychiatric Meds for Infants Linked to Later Behavior Problems

Researchers found drugs used to treat mood disorders, pain and epilepsy raised risk

Gene Mutation Linked to Fever-Induced Seizures

Finding could lead to better treatment options, study suggests

Study Links Epilepsy to Brain Protein

Research on mice points to possible cause of seizures

Very Small Head Size Could Signal Problems in Newborns

Early screening urged for detection of epilepsy and other health issues, experts say

Experts Urge Cognitive Testing of Kids With Epilepsy

Underlying brain abnormalities may cause learning problems, study finds

Seizures, Not Epilepsy Itself, May Raise Birth Risks

It's the attacks during pregnancy that cause problems, study contends

Scientists Find Way to Stop Epilepsy in Mice

Blocking bad gene kept disease from being passed to offspring

Catastrophic Epilepsy Caused by Defect in One Gene

Mouse study led to discovery of mutation and could advance treatments

Drug Shows Promise Against Childhood Epilepsy

Rapamycin helped suppress seizures in mouse study

Pregnant Women With Epilepsy Should Avoid Valproate

New guidelines stress that, with good planning, most moms-to-be will do fine

Epilepsy Drug Impairs Baby's Intelligence

When taken during pregnancy, valproate lowers IQ, study finds

Head Injury While Young Ups Epilepsy Risk

But treatment can prevent the illness from emerging, Danish researchers say

Gene Discovered for Most Common Form of Epilepsy

The hope is the finding could lead to new treatments for the neurological disorder

FDA Adds Suicide Warning to Epilepsy Drugs

Says patients on antiepileptics need to be monitored for indications of mood changes