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Exposure to 9/11 Fumes Tied to Chronic Headaches

Preliminary data from lower Manhattan residents suggest a link, nearly a decade later

Drug May Ease Cognitive Effects of Huntington's

Small study reports improvement in thinking skills

High Blood Pressure May Predict Dementia in Some Seniors

Link seen in those with trouble organizing thoughts, but not memory loss

Immigrants at Lower Stroke Risk Than Long-Term Residents?

Canadian study found new arrivals tended to be healthy

Amputation Affects Sexes Differently

Women report more anxiety, trouble with daily living, study finds

Genes, Diet Offer New Clues to Parkinson's Disease

Interaction between genetics, environment may play role in onset, research suggests

First Oral Medications For MS Show Promise

Using pills instead of injections could boost treatment, experts say, but safety concerns linger

Stem Cells Become Functioning Neurons in Mice

Finding moves research closer to helping people with spinal injuries, experts say

Mouse Study May Advance Multiple Sclerosis Research

Gene mutation in mice causes problems similar to MS in humans, findings show

Monkey Brain 'Hardwired' for Simple Math

Rhesus macaques have neurons dedicated to 'less than,' 'greater than' problems, study suggests

Parents Not Taking Concussions Seriously Enough

These injuries can be dire and must be monitored, study says

Some Blood Pressure Drugs May Stave Off Dementia

Medications' role against angiotensin appears to be key, study finds

Gene Variant Could Lower Alzheimer's Risk

Carrying two 'good' copies slows age-linked mental decline by half, study found

Misconnections in Developing Brain May Cause Autism

Mounting evidence opens possibility of future drug treatment, researchers say

Could Your Cell Phone Help Shield You From Alzheimer's?

In mouse study, exposure to electromagnetic field prevented and even reversed brain impairment

No Proof Yet That Special Diets Ease Autism

Experts say that, for now, parents should work with their child's doctors

Nerve Stimulation Device Doesn't Ease Most Back Pain

Review finds little evidence of relief with technology called TENS

Alzheimer's May Stave Off Cancer, and Vice Versa

Biological factors that lead to one seem to protect against the other, expert says

Certain Childhood Cancers More Likely to Recur

Research and surveillance urged for at-risk patient groups

Exercise May Lead to a Smarter, More Successful You

Stronger cardiovascular system tied to academic achievement, study finds

Long-Term Problems Linked to Testicular Cancer Chemo

Survivors often plagued by neurological symptoms, study finds

Smoking During Pregnancy, Lead Exposure Raise ADHD Risk in Kids

Study found one more than doubled chances, while both increased risk eightfold

When Sleep Suffers, So Does Decisiveness

Not being well-rested can be dangerous for those whose jobs require quick reactions, researchers say

MS Need Not Preclude Pregnancy

Study finds complications no greater overall than for other women

Research Sheds Light on Causes of Parkinson's

Gene mutations linked to both common and rarer hereditary forms of disease

Gestures Processed in Brain's Language Center

Talking with your hands could be linked to evolution, research suggests

Study Links Yo-Yo Dieting to Addiction

Rats fed sugary chow suffered withdrawal when regular meals returned

Handwriting Skills May Lag in Kids With Autism

Therapy to improve letter formation could boost self-esteem, researchers say

Brain Stimulation May Ease Treatment-Resistant Depression

Small study reports some people went from incapacitated to working again

Early Relapse of MS May Mean Fewer Issues Later

Short-term limitations seem to wane as years go by, researcher says

Cooling May Reduce Brain Lesions in Newborns

Treatment after oxygen deprivation accounts for better motor skills later, study suggests

Restless Legs May Vary by Race and Gender

Blacks are less likely, women more, to develop the disorder, study finds

Toxins Make Halloween Face Paints Scary

Report finds all products tested contained lead and some had known skin allergens

Blood Protein May Predict Heart Attack But Not Stroke

More study needed into how CRP levels influence risk

The Brain Comes Alive With the Sounds of Music

Study delves into why harmonic sounds are therapeutic for people with neurological disorders

Common Antioxidant Might Slow Parkinson's

But too much urate can also cause trouble, so more study is needed, experts say

Families Need to Know When Dementia Becomes Terminal

Too often, onerous, futile medical interventions are ordered for these end-stage patients, researchers say

Fine-Tuning Prosthetic Hands to Restore a Sense of Touch

In rats, researchers create junction between brain and device

Common Antioxidant Might Slow Parkinson's

But too much urate can also cause trouble, so more study is needed, experts say

Autism May Be More Common Than Thought

U.S. government study estimates that 1 of every 91 children is affected

Consciousness Helps the Mind and Body Work Together

Research explores how brain picks best way to react to messages from muscle

Study Debunks Link Between Strep and Brain Disorders

Infection rates are found to be no higher among those with OCD or Tourette syndrome

Trouble With Daily Activities Could Point to Alzheimer's Risk

Unusual pattern seems to predict quicker dementia onset, study finds

Not All Kids With Head Injuries Need Brain Scans

Screening could cut down on radiation exposure, researchers say

Very Small Head Size Could Signal Problems in Newborns

Early screening urged for detection of epilepsy and other health issues, experts say

Report Cards for Hospitals May Be Misleading

Ranking by death rates alone doesn't measure severity of cases, researchers say

Trauma From Iraq Could Alter Veterans' Brains

Attention, memory in soldiers with PTSD still suffered a year after return from combat, researchers say

Young Animals May Be Able to Erase Bad Memories

It's not clear humans could do the same, researchers say

Playing Tetris May Build Up Your Brain

Girls engaged in the video game gained 'gray matter,' study found

Stroke May Be Striking at a Younger Age

Almost half of cases occur before 65, study finds, many younger patients not getting rehab