Cross Train Your Brain

Here's how to keep it limber

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(HealthDayNews) -- Exercise your brain and keep it stronger longer. According to neurobiologists at Duke University, if you approach everyday tasks in novel ways, you'll help keep your brain feisty enough to remember names, master new skills and stay creative.

Here are suggested aerobics for your mind:

  • Get ready in the morning -- shower, shave, eat breakfast -- using your non-dominant hand.
  • Find things like the shower faucet, the soap, your car keys and the ignition with your eyes closed.
  • Learn the Braille numbers for some floors in your office building.
  • Visit spice markets and experience unfamiliar sights and smells.
  • Fill small bottles with different aromatic herbs and sniff up the scent when you dial a new phone number. It may help you recall the number.
  • When you travel, avoid American-style hotels and eateries. Go local and try what's new and different
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