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Health, Social Life Improve After Weight-Loss Surgery: Study

Patients sought better condition, self-esteem, activity levels

Male Diners Tip Better When Waitress Wears Red: Study

Men gave up to 26% more to waitresses in red, but color didn't effect female customers, researchers say

Stressed-Out Men May Prefer Heavier Women

Study suggests evolution could explain why males are programmed this way

Menstrual Cycles May Affect Women's Shopping Patterns

Study found they were more likely to buy clothes, focus on their appearance on fertile days

11 Countries Now Restrict Indoor Tanning Before Age 18

The trend is due to growing evidence of a link with melanoma skin cancer, experts note

Large Breasts Can Take Mental, Physical Toll on Teens

Research shows some girls with the condition have physical pain, lower self-esteem

Gene Boosts Tomato's Color, But May Make It Less Tasty

Uniformly red, 'store-bought' tomatoes are not as sweet, study finds

Skin Cell Transplant May Offer New Hope to Vitiligo Patients

In small study, some people had about 45 percent return of skin color

Eating Disorders Hitting Women Over 50, Study Finds

Researcher says new treatment strategies needed to target this older population

Enter the 'Brotox' Era

Men seeking subtle improvements are opting for injections in growing numbers, experts say

Many Still Tanning, Despite Dangers, Survey Finds

Under-30s most likely to use tanning beds or sunbathe, online poll suggests

Aim Skin Cancer Warnings at the Young, Too, Experts Say

To get message across, doctors should focus on sun's damage to looks, not health, panel advises

Study Recommends Putting Your Left Face Forward

This half of the face is more expressive, making it more attractive, researchers say

Tattoos, Piercings Tied to Heavier Drinking in French Study

But an expert warns against stereotyping people with body art

Genes May Hold the Key to Aging Skin

DNA-based insights might lead to better skin care products, experts say

Face Lifts Erase an Average of 7 Years Off Age, Study Finds

Panel of medical students looked at before and after photos in guessing ages

'Flat Head' Syndrome in Babies Usually Temporary

Rise in cases tied to 'back to sleep' campaign shouldn't worry parents, pediatricians say

Gene Shortage Might Lead to Shorter Height, Study Says

In two separate groups, shortest people were missing copies of genes

Drugs to Make You Look Beautiful -- But at What Price?

Pill to prevent gray hair might be next in 'lifestyle' drug pipeline

Illegal Silicone Buttock Injections Can Be Deadly: Experts

At least one woman died and others came close after illicit procedures from non-physicians

Is Breast Reduction After Weight Loss Surgery Best?

Small study finds obese women tend to be unhappy with appearance if they get breast surgery first

Is Shape of CEO's Face a Measure of Power?

Width-height ratio has a bearing on company's performance, researchers claim

Overweight Women Believe Loved Ones Judge Them More Harshly Than They Do

Obesity carries health risks, but the stigma associated with it also causes suffering, researchers say

More Evidence Tanning Beds May Be Addictive

In the presence of UV radiation, reward centers in the brains of 'tanorexics' lit up, study found

Daughters Seem to Influence Mothers' Fashion Sense

When it comes to shopping and style, teens take the lead and moms follow, study finds

1 in 3 Nose Job Patients Has a Mental Illness: Study

Body dysmorphic disorder, where people inordinately dislike their appearance, is rife in this group, study says

Genes May Control How Long You Look at Happy Faces

Findings could further understanding of autism, researchers say

Psychotherapists With Tidy Offices Seen as More Competent

Decor seems to influence people's perception of quality of care, study finds

How Brain Sees the 'Big Picture' May Affect Self-Image

People with body dysmorphic disorder process visual information abnormally, study finds

Politics May Trump Looks, Personality in Matters of the Heart

Most people marry those with similar political views and social attitudes, study finds

Too Few Teens Know the Dangers of Tanning Beds: Poll

39% of 14- to 17-year-olds incorrectly believe indoor tanning is safer than the sun, survey found

Doc Offers High-Heel Wearers Tips to Prevent 'Hammertoe'

Choose shoes with roomy toes, good arch support, podiatrist says

What Makes a Face Appealing to the Opposite Sex?

Those who think women prefer men to have a square jaw are in for a surprise

Pressure to Look Young May Be Sending More Men to Plastic Surgeons

Report finds increase in range of cosmetic procedures among American males

Models' Photos May Spur Mixed Messages About Body Image

Viewing 'ideal' bodies can be deflating but still inspire self-improvement, study says

Image, Appearance Rank High Among Social Network Users

Study also finds more photo sharing, friending among women than men

Age Takes Toll on Facial Bones, Study Finds

Wrinkles, sagging skin not the only signs of aging

Women's Tears Tell Men to Back Off

Study finds they dampen sexual desire, lower testosterone levels

First Impressions of Attractive People Often Correct: Study

Volunteers accurately judged personalities of good-looking people they just met, researchers say

Visual Processing Plays Role in Body Dysmorphic Disorder

Brain area related to behavior also affects how patients see themselves, research finds

Did Ancient Egyptian Makeup Have Protective Powers?

Analysis of preserved cosmetics shows it may have prevented, treated eye infections

Facial Symmetry May Be Best Beauty Secret

Average ratio of features seems to be the key to physical attractiveness, study finds

Looking Younger Than Your Age May Mean Longer Life

Study links perceived age to physical, mental functioning

Want to Stop Cancer? You Can, Experts Say

Lifestyle changes have been shown to lower odds, even for those at higher risk

Looks, Money, Fame Don't Bring Happiness

Study finds reaching more intrinsic goals is what leads to well-being

Health Tip: Strive for Beautiful, Healthy Skin

Develop a good skin care routine

Dysport, a Botox Competitor, Approved

Derived from botulinum toxin

Gum Chewing May Cut Craving for Snacks

Study suggests that sugarless brands can help control appetite and weight

Health Tip: Safe Use of Contact Lenses

Apply cosmetics properly to avoid problems