Finding a Mate Who Looks Like You

Here are your odds

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(HealthDayNews) -- If you think people resemble their pets, take a close look at married couples you know.

The odds of any two adults on the planet getting together are about 900 quadrillion to one, author David Bodanis reports, but human mates have a number of inexplicably similar characteristics. In his book, The Secret Family, he says:

  • Eye color matches in married couples more than it would in random strangers; so do the lengths of arms and the length of ear lobes;
  • The numbers of brothers and sisters of each matches more closely than by chance, as do political opinions and the amount of education each of the couples' fathers has.

A major exception, Bodanis says, is people with red hair -- who seem to hate marrying each other far more than chance would suggest.

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