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Want to Look Like Barbie or Ken?

Here's what you'd have to do

(HealthDayNews) -- You've read the reports how Barbie dolls give children an unrealistic idea of the normal proportions of the human body. Lots of girls grow up wanting to look like Barbie, but find they can't quite measure up.

So the Yale University Center for Eating and Weight Disorders has put together a little check list. If you just do what they say, you can look like Barbie or Ken.

As reported in the International Journal of Eating Disorders, here are the goals:

The average woman who wants look like Barbie has to grow 2 feet taller, gain 5 inches in the chest, lose 6 inches in the waist, and lengthen her neck by slightly more than 3 inches.

The average man who wants to look like Ken has to grow 20 inches taller and increase his chest by 11 inches and his neck circumference by about 8 inches.

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