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Smile When You Say Cheese

... And when you eat it

(HealthDayNews) -- If you want to improve your teeth, just order a cheeseburger instead of a hamburger.

The Dental School of Newcastle upon Tyne in the United Kingdom explains why in the British Dental Journal.

It's been reported that eating cheese reduces your risk of tooth decay. This probably has something to do with putting calcium right where the teeth are.

So the dentists decided to find out if you had to sit down with crackers and cheese to get the most benefit, or if it would be just as effective to include cheese as part of your meal.

The researchers got 16 volunteers, and compared the effects of a half ounce of cheese by itself, a control meal without cheese, and a meal that included cheese in the recipe.

And they found that every form of cheese, whether it was alone or mixed into the food, seemed to help improve the calcium levels in teeth.

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