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Weight Loss After Diabetes Diagnosis Offers Big Benefits: Study

And the improvements in blood sugar and blood pressure last, even if weight comes back

Health Tip: Keep Gestational Diabetes Under Control

Take good care of yourself during pregnancy

Blood Sugar Test May Also Aid Diabetes Detection

HbA1c analysis doesn't require fasting, could ID millions who don't know they have disease

Laser Therapy as Good as Drugs for Diabetic Eye Problems

Had fewer side effects than corticosteroids, study finds

One-Third of Uninsured Are Chronically Ill

And that can mean missed care, fading health, earlier death, experts say

Pre-Pregnancy Diabetes Boosts Risk for Birth Defects

Women 3 to 4 times more likely to deliver baby with at least one problem, U.S. study finds

Diet Key to Diabetes Risk

Fruits, vegetables, exercise reduce chances of blood sugar disease, studies find

Rates of Mild Cognitive Impairment Higher Than Expected

More men, women may develop Alzheimer's than previously thought, researchers say

Some Sweeteners Inhibit Enzyme Tied to Type 2 Diabetes

Antioxidants in date sugar, dark brown sugars help control blood pressure, heart disease

Intestinal Gluten Receptor Is Gateway for Celiac Disease

Finding could offer new treatments for other autoimmune disorders, study says

Twofold Action Urged for Pre-Diabetes

Goal is to prevent progression to the full-blown disease and its huge costs

U.S. Obesity Epidemic Continues to Grow

One-quarter of Americans report being obese, CDC report says

Disease Prevention Programs Worth the Investment

Within five years, $16 billion a year could be saved, report claims

Eye Test Could Spot Diabetes Vision Trouble Early

It may prove an easy, less invasive means of detecting retinopathy, other woes

Diabetic Hispanics Missing Out on Eye Exams

They're particularly vulnerable to diabetes-linked vision loss, experts warn

Diabetes, Weight Tied to Male Infertility

Both conditions cause significant decrease in body's ability to repair sperm DNA, studies find

A Blood Marker Could Spot Diabetes Risk

Higher levels of fetuin-A were linked to later disease development, study found

Kids' Obesity May Lead to Epidemic of Adult Diabetes

Impact has yet to be felt, since type 2 course may take 10 years to show, study says

New Spanish Consumer Guide Compares Diabetes Meds

Publication aimed at assisting the 1 in 8 Hispanics with type 2 disease

Wireless Device Approved for Diabetics

Communicates with pump to deliver insulin

Mom's Unhealthy Diet May Have Long-Term Impact on Baby

Rats fed junk food had higher cholesterol, blood fats into adulthood, British study finds

New Molecular Trigger Described for Hypertension, Diabetes

Out-of-control enzymes do damage in both conditions, study finds

Scientists ID New Genes Tied to Crohn's Disease

Number tripled, and they find a link to other conditions such as asthma, diabetes

Chronic Kidney Disease Growing Globally

Researchers urge countries to make condition a public health priority

24 Million Americans Had Diabetes in 2007

57 million more had pre-diabetes, but education drive making inroads, CDC says

Metabolic Syndrome May Be in the Genes

Certain DNA raises the odds of this cluster of heart risk factors, experts say

Weight Loss After Gastric Bypass Is Key to Easing Diabetes

Patients who dropped most pounds went off diabetes meds and into remission, study found

Diabetes Drug May Prevent Early Puberty in Young Girls

Metformin delayed first menstruation, cut body fat for those at risk of insulin resistance

Study Ties Herpes Virus to Emerging Form of Diabetes

French researchers say antibodies linked to disease found in Sub-Saharan Africans

Diabetes and Depression Go Hand-in-Hand

And doctors need to be aware of the connection, study says

Diabetes Might Help Spur Hearing Loss

Study finds higher rate of impairment among diabetics

Insulin Resistance Tied to Peripheral Artery Disease

Those with highest levels at almost twice the risk, regardless of diabetes, study finds

'Standard' Glucose Test May Be Wrong One for Obese Children

Fasting blood glucose test less reliable than glucose stress test in detecting prediabetes

Health Tip: Understanding Hypoglycemia

It's low blood sugar, a frequent complication of diabetes

No Matter the Doctor, Black Diabetics Fare Worse Than White Counterparts

Study found doctors with patients of both races still showed disparities in outcomes

Weekly Drug Helps Type 2 Diabetics

Longer-lasting exenatide maintained glucose levels, helped patients lose weight, study reports

Diabetes Drug May Slow Eye Disease

Use of rosiglitazone showed 59.5% reduced risk of retina damage

Older Diabetics' Risk of Cardiac Ischemia Lower Than Thought

Those 55 to 75 with type 2 disease have same odds for condition, regardless of screening

Doctors Urged to Look for Link Between Type 2 Diabetes, Sleep Apnea

Group pushes new clinical practices to have patients presenting with one checked for other

Formula Puts Doctor, Patient Glucose Readings on Same Page

Math converts two systems into better measurement, study says

Gum Care Helps Control Type 2 Diabetes and Its Complications

Periodontal disease associated with higher levels of insulin resistance, studies say

Scientists ID Gene Regulating Blood Glucose Levels

Copies of variant don't boost type 2 diabetes risk but could suggest its causes

Genetically Engineered Mice Regenerate Beta Cells

Finding may prove a major advance in type 1 diabetes research, study says

Diabetes Boosts Liver Cancer Risk in Hepatitis, Cirrhosis Cases

Chances doubled, especially for older males, Dutch study finds

Sunlight, Vitamin D May Cut Kids' Diabetes Risk

Type 1 disease less prevalent in populations living nearer equator, study finds

Health Tip: Keep a Meal Schedule

Diabetics must stay on track

Panel Calls for Better Diabetes Screening

New testing methods would offer help to millions of diabetics who are missed

Anti-Rejection Drug May Boost Diabetes in Kidney Transplant Patients

Those treated with sirolimus faced up to 66% increased risk of disease after operation

Genetic Variation May Explain Preferences for Sugar

Finding could help research into soaring obesity, diabetes rates, study says

New Antioxidant Drug Shows Promise Against Diabetes

But more studies on cardiovascular risks needed, report says