Health Tip: Limit Your Child's Sugar Consumption

Especially snacks

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(HealthDay News) -- While your child may beg for sugary sweets, they're usually a poor choice nutritionally and bad for young teeth.

The American Dental Association suggests:

  • Always check food labels to look for added sugar. Naturally occurring sugars (such as those in fruit and milk) are better choices.
  • Milk and water are the best drink choices for your child's teeth. Avoid juices and other sugary beverages, including soda.
  • Dried fruit snacks, fruit rollups and other gummy, sticky "fruit" treats are more like candy than fruit, and usually are high in sugar.
  • Watch for carbohydrate-rich snacks (such as chips and pretzels), which often are loaded with salt and become sugar as they break down.
  • Set a good example by avoiding these foods yourself.


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