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Metformin Preferred Drug for Type 2 Diabetes, Experts Say

But, American College of Physicians states diet and exercise changes should start before medication

Diabetes Takes Toll on Women's Hearing: Study

Especially in women over 60, hearing is much worse for those with poorly controlled disease

Gene Study Sheds Light on Body Clock's Link to Diabetes

A mutation affecting sleep-wake hormone may disrupt blood sugar control, researchers find

Bydureon Approved for Type 2 Diabetes

A once-weekly injection

Lifestyle Counseling Helps Diabetes Patients Control Blood Sugar

More than 30,000 got advice on diet, exercise in primary care settings

Many Docs Use Costly MRIs to Diagnose Nerve Condition: Study

Cheaper tests to spot diabetes-linked nerve damage are effective, researchers say

Less Salt, More Veggies in School Lunches: USDA

New rules call for healthier foods but some say changes don't go far enough

Rate of Leg, Foot Amputations Among Diabetics Drops: CDC

Researchers point to better management of disease in explaining the trend

Treating Diabetes, Depression Together May Make Sense

Study found both conditions improved when addressed simultaneously

Can Coffee Really Thwart Type 2 Diabetes?

Three potentially beneficial compounds identified in lab study

More, Faster Weight Loss Seen With Gastric Bypass Than Banding

But the surgeon performing the operation also makes a difference, an expert says

U.S. Diabetes Prevention Program Might Avert 885,000 Cases

Study also projects $30 billion in savings over 25 years from such outreach

Statins May Boost Diabetes Risk in Older Women

But experts say finding shouldn't spur change in guidelines for the cholesterol-lowering drugs

Weight Loss Surgery May Help Diabetes

Not a cure, but operation plus meds better than either treatment alone, researcher says

Smog Tied to Raised Risk of Chronic Illness in Black Women

Study showed more type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure as exposure rose

Heart Failure, Diabetes Might Be Linked by Protein

Although 'p53' helps suppress tumors, new study finds negative effects

Obesity, Diabetes Pose 1-2 Threat to Young Americans

The result: They could be first generation to not live as long as their parents

A Life-Saving Lesson That Took Decades to Learn

Maryland woman has her type 2 diabetes under control at 38, and her future is brighter

Hepatitis B Vaccine Recommended for Adults With Diabetes

Shared blood glucose monitors, finger-stick devices pose infection risk, experts warn

Driving Isn't An Issue for Most People With Diabetes

American Diabetes Association warns against blanket driving restrictions, recommends individual assessments

Brief, Intense Exercise Lowers Blood Sugar, Small Study Finds

May help type 2 diabetics use glucose more efficiently many hours after activity, researchers say

Apnea Treatment Might Reduce Signs of Heart Disease Risk

Wearing CPAP mask during sleep improved blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar in study patients

Diabetes, Obesity After 60 May Drive Up Breast Cancer Risk

Study also finds low blood lipids linked to risk, but can't explain it

Rotating Shift Work May Boost Women's Diabetes Risk

The longer you work irregular hours, the greater the odds for type 2 disease, study finds

Colon Cancer Prognosis Worse for the Obese, Type 2 Diabetics

Cancer and heart-disease deaths higher, studies find

Low-Cal Diet Cuts Fat Around Heart in Obese People: Study

That led to improved heart function, researchers said

Hispanics With Diabetes Urged to Get Yearly Foot Care

Regular exams can prevent foot ulcers, nerve damage and amputations, podiatrists say

Not Everyone Shuns Fruits and Veggies

Learning to love them as a child proves advantageous later on, one woman explains

Even Without Weight Loss, Mediterranean Diet Helps Heart: Study

Foods like olive oil and avocados may help body use insulin

Intensive Control of Type 1 Diabetes Helps Kidneys: Study

Rate of serious complication halved for those on aggressive therapy

Sugar-Sweetened Drinks May Pose Heart Risks to Women, Study Suggests

Problems can emerge even if no weight gain is evident, researcher says

High-Fiber Diet May Help Thwart Colon Cancer

Review of studies suggests cereals, whole grains deliver health benefits

School Soda Bans Don't Keep Kids From Sugary Drinks

Children just turn to sport and fruit drinks, study finds

Red Wine Antioxidant Could Give Metabolism a Boost

Small study in obese men shows benefit from supplement containing resveratrol

Healthy Halloween Advice for Children With Diabetes

Expert suggests ways for kids to keep blood sugar under control, without feeling deprived

Neighborhood Can Affect Obesity, Diabetes Risk

Study found moving women out of poor neighborhoods reduced rates of both conditions

Diabetes Education Seems to Help Improve Blood Sugar Control

Behavioral interventions, such as changing negative thinking, may offer even greater benefits

Men Develop Diabetes With Less Body Fat Than Women: Study

Researchers say differences in fat distribution may be to blame

FDA Approves First Combo Drug for Diabetes, Cholesterol

Juvisync combines Januvia and Zocor in one pill to lower blood sugar and bad cholesterol

Juvisync Approved for Type 2 Diabetics With High Cholesterol

Previously approved meds combined in one tablet

Super-Tight Blood Sugar Control May Not Ease Mental Decline in Diabetics

But, standard therapy might help slow cognitive troubles, experts say

More Frequent Doctor Visits May Benefit Diabetes Patients

Quicker control of blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol might reduce complications, study says

Americans Spending More of Their Lives Struggling With Diabetes

For obese, new study estimates between 2 and 6 extra years will be spent dealing with disease

Popular Diabetes Drugs May Raise Pancreatic Cancer Risk, Study Suggests

But more studies are needed to see if this preliminary finding is accurate, researchers say

More Evidence Links Diabetes, Dementia

Findings point up another reason to keep blood sugar levels in check, researchers say

Global Toll of 'Non-Communicable Diseases' -- $47 Trillion by 2030

Cancer, diabetes, heart disease and lung disease kill 36 million people every year, experts say

U.N. Summit Seeks to Tame 'Non-Communicable Diseases'

Cancer, diabetes, heart disease and lung disease kill 36 million people every year

366 Million People Now Have Diabetes: Report

International Diabetes Federation urges U.N. action, saying disease claims 1 life every 7 seconds

Lifetime 'Dose' of Excess Weight Linked to Diabetes Risk

Type 2 diabetes epidemic in the U.S. may loom even larger than previously predicted, researchers suggest

Healthy Living Can Cut Chances of Developing Diabetes

Study finds risk can be reduced up to 80 percent, researchers say