Health Tip: Don't Fret About a Fever

It's not concerning in these scenarios

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(HealthDay News) --Parents can get pretty worried about fevers in children, but they're not usually something to worry about.

The Cleveland Clinic explains these guidelines for when not to worry:

  • A temperature is considered normal, even if it varies, up to 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is considered a fever.
  • A fever that lasts for less than five days and your child is behaving pretty normally. Your child may feel tired but plays, eats and drinks as usual.
  • A fever of up to 103 in a child over 3 years of age, or a fever of 102.5 in babies 3 months old and up to age 3.
  • Low-grade fevers that occur within about 48 hours of immunizations.


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