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Health Tip: Don't Let The Cold Bite You

Wear protective clothing and stay active to ward off frostbite

(HealthDay News) -- You may enjoy winter activities, such as skiing and snowboarding, but Duke University Medical Center warns that frostbite can set in if you don't take the right precautions.

Frostbite is usually recognized by the hard, pale, cold quality of the skin that has been exposed to the cold for a long period. The areas of the hands, feet, noses and ears may experience lack of sensitivity or an aching pain. As the areas thaw, the flesh becomes red and painful.

In order to prevent frostbite, winter outdoors types should wear protective clothing, refrain from drinking alcohol or smoking, and get adequate food and rest.

If you're caught in a heavy snowstorm, the Medical Center recommends increasing physical activity to maintain body warmth.

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