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For Better Mouse Studies, Let Them Nest

Allowing mice to be more comfortable could improve outcomes, researchers say

'Superinfected' Patients Give Clues to Fighting HIV

Women infected more than once from different partners can have stronger immune response

Study Reveals Trigger That May Speed Melanoma Growth

Researchers identified molecule in tumors that suppresses immune system

Early, Temporary HIV Treatment Can Postpone Long-Term Therapy

Study found giving antiretroviral drugs earlier in disease course can stabilize patients sooner

Lost Hour of Sleep Over Weekend May Put Heart at Risk Monday

Expert warns of 10% increase in heart attack risk among those who don't prepare for lost sleep

Woman's Recovery From Advanced Melanoma Could Help Guide Research

In rare case, her immune system was spurred to eliminate tumors even in distant sites, researchers say

Transplant Procedure Creates 'Hybrid' Immune System to Combat Rejection

Bone marrow cell transfer possible way to prevent common problem with organ donation, preliminary study suggests

Children With Asthma at Higher Risk for Shingles: Study

Painful skin condition typically strikes older adults, researchers note

Smoke Exposure Late in Pregnancy Might Boost Baby's Eczema Risk

But study finds no raised risk for skin condition from exposure early in pregnancy or after birth

Selenium Supplements May Help -- or Harm

Too much or too little of the mineral can hurt your health, evidence review finds

Findings on HIV-Resistant Sex Workers May Help Vaccine Efforts

Study suggests blocking virus from entering the body is better

Genome Map Might Help Save Tasmanian Devil From Extinction

Research may spur strategies to stop spread of facial cancer that threatens species

Study Finds No Link Between HPV Vaccine and Autoimmune Disorders

No risk seen among nearly 190,000 Gardasil recipients in company-funded review

Active Ingredient in Viagra Shrunk Disfiguring Growths in Kids

But, the finding is preliminary and the treatment is expensive, researchers note

Common Household Chemicals Might Harm Kids' Immunity

Study found lower response to vaccines in those with higher levels of PFCs in their blood

Study Shows How Stress Triggers Immune System

Conflict fires up molecules related to inflammation, researchers report

Genes May Give Clues to Severe Form of Lupus

A DNA sequence known as an 'accelerator' might explain some aggressive cases, researchers say

More Known About Proteins That Cause Autoimmune Diseases

Researchers say 'autoantibodies' can cause lupus, diabetes, arthritis

Gene Research Sheds Light on Rare Immune Disease

One symptom, cold urticaria, is a potentially serious disorder triggered by exposure to low temperatures

Severe Sepsis Can Harm the Immune System

Lab studies after death found evidence of decreased immune function

Drug May Dampen Dangerous Side Effect of Stem Cell Transplants

Low doses of interleukin-2 eased most severe symptoms of graft-versus-host disease in cancer patients

FDA Approves First Umbilical Cord Blood Product

Hemacord stem cell product sanctioned for certain blood cancers and related disorders

Cancer Risk Doubles After Organ Transplant, Study Finds

But benefits still far outweigh the risk, say experts

Obesity May Hinder Flu Shot's Effectiveness

Study found antibody levels dropped more over time among those who weighed more

Research Sheds Light on Vitamin D's Role in Immunity

It may be key in protecting people from infections like tuberculosis, study shows

Babies Born With Heart Disease Often Harmed by Gut Bacteria

Toxins that get into blood can affect organ function in these vulnerable children, study finds

Thank Neanderthals for That Healthy Immune System, Scientists Say

Mixing of modern humans, Neanderthals and another relative may have passed on good genes

New Bacteria Linked to Tattoo Infections

CDC investigation shows tap water used for ink was the culprit

Scientists Close in on Origins of Psoriasis, Eczema

Rare cases where a patient has both conditions yield up crucial information

Antibody Finding Might Help in Search for HIV Vaccine

Researchers find 'soldiers' of immune system keep AIDS virus from getting inside cells

Contact Allergies Associated With Lower Rates of Some Cancers

Sensitivity to chemicals, metals may prime immune system against certain tumors, research suggests, but more study needed

A Deadly New Reason to Avoid Deer Ticks

A little-known illness they're spreading can be fatal, especially to people with a weak immune system

Can Removing Tonsils, Appendix Boost Early Heart Attack Risk?

Tonsillectomy, appendectomy before age 20 may slightly raise threat, study suggests

CDC Report Shows Bacterial Meningitis Cases on the Decline

Vaccines have reduced disease rate in young but death rate remains unchanged

Do Immune System Ills Help Drive Type 2 Diabetes?

Findings from mouse, human research suggest new insights on the blood sugar disease

Shar-Pei Dogs Shed Light on Human Fever Syndromes

Same gene mutation may cause pooch's wrinkled skin, inflammatory disease in people: study

Adults With HIV at Increased Risk of Bone Fractures, Study Finds

Annual fracture rates up to 3.69 times higher in HIV-infected patients, researchers say

FDA Approves 1st New Lupus Drug in More Than 50 Years

Patients receiving Benlysta did far better than those receiving placebo, researchers found

Low Sun Exposure, Vitamin D Levels May Be Tied to MS Risk

But experts caution against going overboard with sun and vitamin supplements

New Oral Drugs Hailed for Treating MS

Next step, experts say, is to find ways to repair damage done by the disease

Immune Disorders May Raise Blood Clot Risk in Hospitalized Patients

Those with conditions such as lupus appear more vulnerable, study suggests

Psoriasis Linked to Raised Heart Risks

40% of study patients with skin disorder had factors such as diabetes, obesity

Primate Immune System Differences Identified

Research may also help explain why chimpanzees don't routinely develop AIDS after HIV exposure

Research Finds Not All HIV Affects Immune System Same Way

In some cases, virus has mutations that keep it from killing immune cells, study finds

Toxins from Staph Bacteria Disrupt Immune System

'Superantigens' unleash a furious T-cell response, illness, say researchers

Too Much Hygiene May Affect Immune System, Study Suggests

Antimicrobial used in many products such as soaps, toothpaste tied to raised allergy risks in kids

Lupus Kidney Disorder Treatment Improved Over Decade: Review

Safer, more effective options available for patients with lupus nephritis, researchers say

Protein Differences May Explain Long-Term HIV Control

Scientists say small variation keeps some infected patients healthy without medicine

Kids With Psoriasis Often at Risk of Being Bullied: Survey

Among those who were picked on, teasing and exclusion were common, poll found

Post-Op Pain May Be Due to Immune Reaction: Study

Nerve inflammation, not surgeon error, may be to blame, researchers say