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White Patients Most Likely to Get Kidney Transplants: Study

Lack of insurance, poverty, cultural barriers hinder minorities' access to donated organs

Heart Failure Patients Don't Need Continuous Infusion of Diuretics: Study

One dose at a time is less expensive and eliminates need to walk around with IV pole, expert says

Many Dialysis Patients at Risk for High Radiation Exposure

Long-term use of scans for diagnosis, treatment raises cancer concerns, researchers say

Type 1 Diabetes Patients Need New Kidney Therapies: Study

Recent advances not enough in preventing end-stage disease, researchers say

Education Might Help Kidney Recipients Spot Skin Cancer

Transplant patients should be taught about their higher risk, how to detect, researchers say

Kidney Patients Ask for More Information on Options

Survey finds that people especially want details on home dialysis

Test Approved to Monitor Levels of Kidney Rejection Drug

Too much of the drug in blood may be toxic

Researchers Craft Blood Vessels for Heart, Kidney Patients

Ready-made and easily stored, bioengineered transplants did well in animal trials

'Western' Diet May Raise Risk of Kidney Function Decline

Eating more whole grains, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy offers protection, study suggests

Stroke Drug May Prevent Dialysis Catheter Infections

And also appears to reduce catheter malfunctions, study finds

Donor Kidneys Travel Safely, Study Finds

Organs function equally well whether shipped cross-country or from same hospital, researchers say

Heart Attack Patients With Kidney Problems Often Skip Meds

Strategies needed to boost heart drug adherence in this high-risk group, researcher says

Heart Rhythm Disorder May Double Death Risk for Dialysis Patients

Study finds dramatic rise among those with atrial fibrillation being treated for kidney disease

Dialysis Options Remain After Kidney Transplant Failure

Home- and clinic-based treatment appear equally effective for these patients, study finds

Vegetarian Diet Cuts Kidney Patients' Levels of Toxic Phosphorus

Diet made it easier to eliminate potentially hazardous substance from blood, urine

Kidney Disease Could Be More Deadly for Kids With Lupus

Researcher suggests that risk stems from damaging effect on the heart

Naturally High Hemoglobin Levels May Not Threaten Kidney Patients

No need to lower them in people with chronic kidney disease, study finds

Marital Status May Affect Kidney Transplant Decision

Married or divorced adults have an edge over widowers, study finds

Doubling Frequency of Dialysis May Help Kidney Failure Patients

6 sessions a week improved heart function, overall health, but is not for everyone, researcher says

Moderate Drinking Could Lower Death Risk for Kidney Transplant Patients

One to two drinks a day is also linked to fewer cases of diabetes, but concerns about weight still matter

Weekend Admissions May Raise Death Risk in Kidney Patients

Risk of death for end-stage patients 17 percent higher than on weekdays, study finds

Race Seems to Impact Rate of Kidney Function Decline

Findings may lead to improvements in identifying high-risk patients, study authors suggest

E. Coli Could Have Long Term Effect on Heart

Blood pressure, kidneys affected in some patients 8 years later, study finds

HIV Patients Do Well After Kidney Transplants: Study

But their bodies are more likely to reject organs in long run, researchers say

Nerve Zap to Kidneys Might Ease Stubborn Hypertension

Study was short but strategy seemed to lower blood pressure in patients who'd failed numerous drugs

Urine Markers May Reveal Kidney Damage Earlier

If findings lead to reliable test, kidney failure might be prevented, researchers say

Cheaper, Older Treatment for Vasculitis Beats Out New Drug

Standard therapy, Azasan, works better, study finds

Study Warns of Risks for Early Dialysis

Guidelines on when to start treatment need to be reexamined, experts say

Lupus Kidney Disorder Treatment Improved Over Decade: Review

Safer, more effective options available for patients with lupus nephritis, researchers say

Kidney Transplants for Elderly Double Over Decade

But odds are still low, researchers say

Drop Seen in Rate of End-Stage Kidney Disease in Diabetics

However, as diabetes has surged actual number of cases rose, review of U.S. data found

Airbags Protect Kidneys in Car Crashes, Study Finds

Findings are surprising and suggest additional research could reveal more benefits, researcher says

FDA Advisers Back Anemia Drugs for Kidney Patients

More research needed on optimum dose, despite stroke risk posed by drugs, panel members say

Strength Training May Help Kidney Patients Live Longer, Healthier

Over 5 years, those with largest mid-arm muscles 37 percent less likely to die, study found

Estrogen Therapy May Be Linked to Kidney Stones

An association found in postmenopausal women, researchers say

Chronic Kidney Disease Might Affect Hearing

Older patients more likely than their peers to develop hearing loss, researchers find

Once-Promising Heart Failure Drug Fails in Trial

It's 'the end of the story' for rolofylline against this tough-to-treat condition, researcher says

Kidney Disease Linked to Future Heart Disease, Stroke Risk

Two studies weigh value of using renal function as a way to screen for other problems

Study Finds Home Dialysis as Good as Hemodialysis at Centers

But many with end-stage kidney disease still hesitant to try it, research shows

Cholesterol Levels Count in Kidney Disease Patients: Study

When malnutrition, inflammation are not present, high levels raise heart disease risk, research shows

New Test for Heart, Kidney Transplant Rejection

Checking blood proteins that increase during acute rejection a noninvasive way to protect organs, study shows

Diet to Prevent Hypertension Also Helps Prevent Kidney Stones

New findings related to DASH diet, which is high in produce, dairy products and whole grains

Anemia Drugs Could Pose Threat to Some Kidney Patients

Study finds 'poor responders' to meds like Aranesp at higher risk for heart trouble, death

Lower Blood Pressure May Help Sicker Kidney Patients

Standard goal may not be low enough for those with protein in their urine, study finds

Kidneys From Dead Patients as Durable as Ones From Those Deemed Brain-Dead

Finding could mean more organs would be available for those who need them

Monitoring of Kidney Health Urged for Injection Drug Users

Excess protein in urine noted in about 25% who shoot up; rates higher in HIV-positive, study found

Pre-Dialysis Procedure Often Delayed in Poorer Communities

Study sheds light on need to provide all patients with recommended treatment

Heart Beat Could Provide Marker for Kidney Health: Study

High resting heart rate and low variability in beat rates may hint at future renal disease, researchers say

Antibiotic May Up Risk of Dangerous Potassium Levels in Seniors

TMP-SMX combo is used to treat urinary tract infections, researchers say

Blacks Seem More Vulnerable to Deadly Blood Infection

Study suggests higher rates of diabetes, kidney disease might explain why sepsis hits them harder