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More U.S. Kids Have Type 1 Diabetes, But Researchers Don't Know Why

And study found that more are developing kidney problems as a result of their disease

Kidney Transplant Prospects Worse for Native Americans: Study

Data review finds organ availability, survival rates better for whites

Kidney Woes Tied to Raised Cancer Risk, Study Finds

Dialysis, organ transplant may boost odds for certain types of cancer

Kidney Disease Rates Have Stabilized in U.S., Study Finds

Experts credit improved treatment of 2 leading causes: high blood pressure and diabetes

Donor Kidneys More Likely to Be Discarded on Weekends: Study

Lower staffing levels at hospitals, not organ quality, is likely reason why, researcher says

Kidney Transplant 'Tourism' Comes With Risks: Study

Infections, complications, organ rejection more likely than in patients who get organ in own country

Poor Sleep Might Harm Kidneys, Study Suggests

Five hours or less a night linked to reduced organ function in women

Early Warning Sign for Kidney Disease Identified in Study

Researchers say blood test can predict risk up to five years before damage begins

Severe Combat Injuries Linked to Risk of Chronic Diseases

Diabetes, high blood pressure more common among seriously wounded soldiers, study finds

Chronic Heartburn Drugs Tied to Higher Risk of Kidney Disease

But studies weren't designed to prove proton pump inhibitors are responsible for the increase

Kidney Patients Without Online Access Face Additional Burden

Blacks and the poor are often 'left behind,' researcher says

Hormone Replacement May Protect Women's Kidneys, Study Suggests

But the finding is considered preliminary and needs more study

Do Taller Patients Fare Worse on Dialysis?

Risk of premature death higher in tall men than in tall women, researchers suggest

A High Salt and Potassium Diet May Accelerate Chronic Kidney Disease

Study participants had far more sodium than the recommended daily limit

Too Few Kidney Dialysis Patients Referred for Organ Transplant, Study Finds

Only about one in four in Georgia get further evaluation

Kidney Problems Linked to Brain Disorders: Study

Reduced blood flow likely to blame, researcher suggests

Cooling Bodies of Brain-Dead Donors May Boost Kidney Function After Transplant

Study found mild hypothermia lowered chances that the organ did not work right away

Drug May Ease Passage When Kidney Stone Strikes

Tamsulosin is especially helpful with larger stones, while smaller ones may pass on their own, study finds

Dialysis Patients May Be Unprepared for Natural Disasters

Study notes that after Hurricane Sandy in 2012, fewer than half had detailed medication list available

Health Tip: Are You at Risk for Kidney Stones?

Make sure you drink enough water

New Drug May Help Diabetic Kidney Disease Patients

Patiromer appears to keep potassium levels in check, researchers say

U.S. Dialysis Patients Increasingly Live in Poor Areas

One-third with kidney failure come from low-income neighborhoods, study finds

Prompt Treatment of Kidney Stones Keeps Costs Down: Study

Complications more likely to arise with surgical delay

Abnormal Test Results in Hospital Signal Raised Kidney Injury Risk

Research finds other risk factors include diabetes, being older, male or black

Genes May Be Tied to Cardiac Arrest Risk in Dialysis Patients

Study found those who are related faced greater chance of heart stopping than those who aren't

HIV-Infected People Often Do Well After Kidney Transplant

Refuting common wisdom, research shows that these patients fared better than those with hepatitis C

Man's Iced Tea Habit May Have Swamped His Kidneys

He drank 16 glasses a day, which probably contributed to health issues, report suggests

Synthetic Pot Linked to Kidney Injury

Researchers report on two studies that showed kidney damage in those who used the drug

Drinking Water Helps Prevent Kidney Stones

Researchers find eight or more glasses daily reduces the risk significantly

Kidney Dialysis Increasing for Pregnant Women

Survey of kidney specialists shows hemodialysis becoming more common for expectant moms

Kidney Patients Living Longer on Dialysis, Study Shows

Better treatments, tighter management of disease may explain promising trend

Kidneys From Dead Older Donors May Help Seniors, Study Finds

Many of these organs would otherwise get thrown away, researcher says

Kidney Stones Can Send Patients to Hospital More Than Once

1 in 9 wound up back in ER, California study found

HIV Patients May Fare as Well as Others With Kidney Transplants

But study also found that survival rates were lower if organ recipient also had hepatitis C

Millions of Kidney Failure Patients Die for Lack of Treatment: Study

Dire need for low-cost dialysis techniques that could be used worldwide, researcher says

Salt May Be Bad for More Than Your Blood Pressure

Study found damage to organs and tissues, even with no sign of hypertension

Kidney Disease Can Pose Problems During Pregnancy, Study Warns

Careful monitoring necessary, researchers say

Some Injured Kidneys May Be OK for Transplant, Study Finds

For reasons that are unclear, certain organs even performed better 6 months after transplant

Does Long-Term Acetaminophen Use Raise Health Risks?

Analysis of research says it's 'not a benign drug' if used long term and in larger doses

Meat-Heavy, High-Acid Diet Poses Risk for Those With Kidney Disease: Study

Switching to regimen higher in fruits, veggies might help stave off organ failure, experts say

Kidneys From HIV Donors May Be OK for HIV Patients, Study Finds

South African researchers report 'impressive' results in 27 cases

U.S. Smoking Deaths May Be Underestimated, Study Suggests

Each year, 60,000 more smokers die from causes that have association with smoking, researchers say

Type 1 Diabetes More Deadly for Women Than Men, Study Finds

Experts aren't sure why, but say better treatment and support needed for both sexes

Timing of Kidney Transplants Doesn't Affect Pregnancy Chances

Study finds results were similar for women who received organ whether as a child or an adult

Some With Kidney Stones Might Have Calcium Buildup in Blood Vessels: Study

These patients might need closer monitoring for further signs of pending heart trouble, researcher says

Kidney Disease Treatment May Be Improving, Study Suggests

Even though rate of disease is on the rise, fewer patients are suffering organ failure or dying

Drug to Treat Serious Infections May Harm Kids' Kidneys, Study Says

The higher the dose of vancomycin, the greater the risk, researchers found