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Black Medicaid Recipients Less Likely to Get Living-Donor Kidney: Study

Not one such patient got kidney from living donor over 2.5 years covered by U.S. study

Diet-Exercise Combo Doesn't Cut Heart Risks in Type 2 Diabetes Patients

But study of overweight patients found lifestyle changes may prevent complications such as kidney failure, eye damage

Iron Dosing Tricky for Dialysis Patients: Study

Too much iron ups chances of infection, but smaller, less frequent doses appear safe

Stronger Statins Don't Up Kidney Injury Risk, Study Finds

Higher doses of cholesterol-fighting drugs did not increase threat among heart attack patients, researchers say

Statins Plus Certain Antibiotics May Set Off Toxic Reaction: Study

Harmful effects in older patients include muscle, kidney damage, researchers say

Sugary Sodas, Fruit Punches May Raise Kidney Stone Risk: Study

It's important to stay hydrated, but water may be your best choice, experts say

CDC Guidelines Could Cut Bloodstream Infections From Dialysis

Since 1993, hospitalization rates have increased 51 percent for these patients, researchers say

Living Near Heavy Traffic May Harm Kidney Function

Polluted air can lower organ's filtering ability, new research suggests

Death Rate Dropping for Children on Dialysis: Study

Better care, advances in technology may explain improved survival for these young kidney failure patients

Exercise May Lower Older Women's Risk for Kidney Stones

Study also found that cutting high-calorie foods can help

Almost Half of Americans Would Consider Donating Kidney to Stranger: Poll

Percentage of people in favor of donation keeps rising, experts say

'Off-the-Shelf' Artificial Blood Vessels Show Promise

They might be helpful for kidney failure patients on dialysis, animal study suggests

'Bioengineered' Kidneys Show Promise in Rat Study

Artificial organs produced urine, but hurdles remain before they might be used in humans, experts say

Belly Fat May Be Tied to Kidney Damage

Study links an apple-shaped figure to early signs of kidney problems

Overweight While Younger Ups Kidney Risk Later

Maintaining healthy weight until age 60 and beyond best prevention, study suggests

Health Tip: Keep Kidney Stones Away

Suggestions to prevent future stones

Complications From Kidney Stone Surgery Rising, Study Finds

Older, sicker patients may explain increase, researchers say

Racial Gap Seen in Survival Among Kidney Dialysis Patients

Hispanics and blacks on dialysis live longer than whites, study found

High-Dose Statins Linked to Acute Kidney Damage

Large study doesn't prove connection, but experts say patients should ask doctors about concerns

New Method Quickly Spots Kidney Damage After Surgery

Patients who underwent heart-lung bypass showed high levels of specific protein in study

Blacks With Kidney Disease Should Watch for Blood Pressure Shifts: Study

Daily fluctuations in hypertension might warn of early death, researchers say

More U.S. Kidney Exchanges Would Allow 1,000 Additional Transplants Yearly

Kidney chains let people donate even though organs can't go to loved ones

Ultrasound Allows Early Detection of Fluid in Dialysis Patients' Lungs

In study of people with kidney failure, fluid overload predicted heart problems, death

Costs of ER Visits Vary in U.S., Study Finds

Urinary tract infections, kidney stones most expensive among top 10 outpatient conditions

Dialysis Catheters Tied to Higher Risk for Infection, Death, Study Finds

Other methods of accessing blood are safer, researchers concluded

Fraudulent Data May Have Led to Use of Risky Treatment in ICUs

Second look at data on a starch-filled solution finds it may do more harm than good

16 Cases of Kidney Damage in 6 States From Synthetic Pot: CDC

Five people needed their blood filtered after using designer drugs such as 'Spice,' researchers report

'Watch and Wait' Approach Often Best for Older Patients With Kidney Cancer

Study finds small tumors often grow so slowly as to pose little threat, so surgery may not be needed

Synthetic Marijuana Use Linked to Kidney Damage

Such designer drugs, called Spice or K2, may have toxic additives, researchers say

High Blood Pressure in Pregnancy May Predict Later Ills, Study Says

Even transient hypertension linked to heart and kidney disease, diabetes

Daily Dialysis Has Risks, Benefits for Kidney Disease Patients

Quality of life improves, but odds for complications around site of needle entry also rises, study finds

Common Painkillers Tied to Kidney Risks for Children: Study

Expert says NSAIDs are overused for treating kids with fever

Preventing Kidney Disease May Cut Diabetes Deaths, Study Says

10-year mortality for those with both conditions was 31 percent

Obese Patients Urged to Lose Weight Before Kidney Transplant

Extra pounds may hinder success of procedure, research review suggests

Could Chemical in Dishware Raise Your Risk for Kidney Stones?

Small Taiwanese study shows higher concentrations of melamine in urine tied to presence in plastic bowls

Kidneys Sometimes Removed Needlessly in Patients With Rare Genetic Disorder

Tuberous sclerosis causes benign growths to form on organs that doctors can mistake for cancer

High BPA Levels in Kids Linked to Risk for Heart, Kidney Damage: Study

When concentrations of the plastics chemical were high, a signal for kidney woes rose too

Treating Kidneys With Radio Waves May Ease Tough-to-Control Hypertension

Small study found technique seemed to work in patients, but it has yet to win FDA approval

Acute Kidney Injuries Up Sharply in U.S.

Data likely 'just the tip of the iceberg,' researcher says

Kidney Disease More Severe in Blacks Than Others: Study

Screening would help improve their care, researchers say

Reduced Kidney Function Tied to Mental Decline

Study of patients with chronic kidney disease found changes in memory, reasoning skills

Genital Injuries Common But Preventable, Researchers Say

Men more often hurt, with younger males tending to get injured on bikes, older males slipping in the tub

Miscarriages Tied to Elevated Risk for Heart Conditions

Study found hardening of the arteries more common in women with more miscarriages

Health Tip: Keep Your Kidneys Healthy

Control high blood pressure, cholesterol and high blood sugar levels

Eating More Fruits, Veggies May Help Kidney Patients

Other studies found race, income also play a part in how well disease is controlled

Obese Teens Face Higher Risk for Kidney Disease: Study

Extra weight has real health consequences, but losing pounds can lower chances, expert says

Millions May Be Taking Vitamin D Unnecessarily, Analysis Suggests

Health experts disagree on safe levels needed to prevent illness

Home Dialysis an Option for Some With Chronic Kidney Disease

But doctors, patients slow to embrace this timesaver, study finds

Sitting for Hours Daily Might Boost Your Kidney Disease Risk: Study

Exercise reduced effect in men, but not women

Some People OK With Monetary Payments to Boost Kidney Donation: Survey

Canadian study found general population more likely to agree with idea than those affected by disease