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Health Tip: Avoid Motion Sickness

Try these simple suggestions

(HealthDay News) - If you are among the 14 percent of Americans who suffer some form of motion sickness, even taking the elevator can become a grueling ordeal. What happens when your dream vacation includes a steady stream of trains, planes and automobiles? Short of skipping the trip, what can you do?

The Automobile Association of America (AAA) offers these tips to reduce both the chances of getting sick and any symptoms that occur:

  • Watch the horizon, or an equivalent stationary object.
  • Avoid activities that will exacerbate the sensory mismatch-activities that keep you from tracking the horizon, such as reading or needlework.
  • At sea, sit near the center of the boat, do what you can to reduce up and down motion, and whatever you do, don't focus on the waves.
  • Avoid strong odors (especially cigarette smoke or engine fumes).
  • Get as much fresh air as you can.
  • Alcohol and caffeine tend to amplify symptoms, so avoid them.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Ginger, mint and citrus can offer relief from all types of nausea. Try tablets, teas or foods made with one of these ingredients.
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