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Health Tip: Easing Muscle Soreness

A gentle stretch may help

Taking a Bath After a Workout? Hold the Ice, Researchers Say

Study found that for most people, ice baths cause pain, but no gain, following exercise

Pent-Up Stress Could Harm Health of Middle-Aged Women

Swedish study followed women since late 1960s

Extra Vitamin D May Ease Crohn's Symptoms, Study Finds

Improvements reported in muscle strength, fatigue and quality of life

Statin Side Effects Often Manageable: Study

People who quit may do better with different type or dose of cholesterol-lowering drugs

Neurology Group Lists Procedures That May Be Unneeded

AAN asks doctors, patients to question procedures as part of Choosing Wisely campaign

Drugs May Help Relieve Restless Legs Syndrome

Review found two types of approved medications helped most patients with moderate to severe symptoms

Heart Muscle Cells Regenerate in Kids, Research Shows

Finding may one day lead to new therapies to repair damaged hearts, study suggests

How Well Do You Rise From Sitting on the Floor?

Ability to do this simple task may predict risk of dying, study suggests

Nerve Stimulation May Restore Hand Function After Spinal Injury

But success was temporary in small, early study

Depression a Key Factor in Health of Parkinson's Patients: Study

Researchers add that it is difficult to diagnose because movement disorder masks symptoms

Injuries Skyrocket From Inflatable Bounce Houses: Study

Dozens of kids treated daily on average in U.S. emergency rooms

Weak Muscles in Teen Years Linked to Early Death in Men

Low strength levels in youth may raise risk as much as high blood pressure or being overweight, study suggests

Guidelines Issued to Resolve Temporary Facial Paralysis

Steroid pills are preferred treatment for Bell's palsy, experts say

Marijuana Extract May Help Ease Muscle Stiffness in MS: Study

Pain, spasms and sleep quality also improved in those given drug vs. placebo

New Study Debunks Virus Theory for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Finding refutes earlier paper; cause remains unknown

Health Tip: Straining a Hamstring

Here are some risk factors

Black Belts' Punching Power Linked to Their Brain Structure

Brain scans show how coordinated movements can boost strength of martial arts experts

Low Vitamin D Levels May Raise Death Risk in Older Adults: Study

Although cause and effect not proven, frail seniors appeared most vulnerable

Writing Using the Eyes Might Help Paralyzed Communicate

Although still in development, technology may help people with ALS, other movement problems

'Toe-Walking' More Common in Kids With Mental Woes: Study

Many healthy children also adopt this stance, which can lead to posture problems, experts say

Scientists Use Stem Cells to Mimic Huntington's Disease

Discovery marks a step closer to a cure, researchers say

Massage Right After Muscle Injury May Boost Healing

With quick therapy, there is a 20% to 40% chance of recovery, animal study suggests

Muscle Mass Linked to Bone Health in Some Parts of Body

Weight-bearing bones in hips, shins especially affected in women, study found

Health Tip: What's Causing My Muscle Cramps?

Possibly, a lack of conditioning

Exercise Can Help Fight Heart Failure

Small study found it slowed muscle wasting, boosted fitness

Rate of Statin-Linked Muscle Woes Unclear, Study Suggests

Coding used by health professionals to report problems may not show true picture

Preventable Injuries Sideline One-Third of Young Athletes

Survey of parents, kids, coaches finds knowledge gaps about sports safety

Health Tip: Help Prevent a Pulled Muscle

Make sure you stretch before exercise

Health Tip: At Risk for Muscle Cramps

Who is most likely to get them

Science Shows How Massage Eases Sore Muscles

Getting one post-workout can spur cellular processes that cut inflammation and pain

Health Tip: Strained a Hamstring?

Here's how to help it heal

Mutations in 2 Genes Linked to Rare Autism-Related Disorder

Research sheds light on Joubert syndrome, which causes physical and mental disabilities

Protein That Controls Movement Does the Opposite in Parkinson's

Study with mice suggests it may be a new drug target

Protect Yourself From Ski-Fatigue Injuries

Expert recommends conditioning exercises to keep skiers, snowboarders healthy

Health Tip: Strengthen Your Muscles

And help avoid muscle loss as you age

For Older Men, Lowered Testosterone May Mean Muscle Loss

Study shows a link, but one expert says that's no reason to try hormonal supplements

Oral Steroids Linked to Vitamin D Deficiency

Children taking the drugs are at high risk for low levels of the nutrient, study shows

Extra Pounds Linked to Weaker Legs in Older Women

Heavier seniors had less power in their legs relative to their weight than slimmer peers: study

Muscle Training May Benefit Chronic Heart Failure Patients

Working out the small muscles helps boost oxygen flow, exercise capacity, study shows

Human Cells Used to Make Replacement Anal Sphincters in Mice

Goal is to one day use patient's own cells to build implant for those with incontinence, scientists say

Apples Help Keep Muscles Strong, Mouse Study Finds

Discovery may lead to new treatments to prevent wasting due to aging, illness, researchers say

FDA Places New Warning Label on Zocor

High doses of cholesterol-lowering statin may raise risk of muscle damage, should not be given to new patients, agency says

Regular Exercise May Benefit the Brain as Well as the Body

Long-term aerobic activity helps preserve white matter needed for key brain functions, study finds

Stretch Before You Pick Up That Rake: Expert

A few precautions before summer sports and gardening will help prevent back pain

Low-Intensity Exercise, Drug Combo Can Help Parkinson's Patients, Studies Show

Regimens improved movement and coordination, and reduced tremors

Progressive Weight Training Can Boost Seniors' Strength

Rising levels of exercise help preserve, improve lean muscle, research shows

Health Tip: Help Prevent Back Injury

Start with good posture

Early Brain Therapy May Help Movement in Dystonia Patients

For those with the muscle disorder, the sooner deep brain stimulation is started the better, study says