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Red cheeks may not mean you're blushing

(HealthDay) -- Comic W.C. Fields' trademark red and bumpy nose was no laughing matter, as sufferers of rosacea know.

Rosacea is a chronic condition that's marked by redness anywhere on the face. It usually shows up after age 30, and can be aggravated by any number of things.

A report in the Rosacea Review found that 32 percent of 837 people with rosacea had a flare-up when their allergies bothered them. Twenty-four percent said a cold triggered a flare-up, and 20 percent said fever caused one. The rest of those surveyed said coughs, flu, stress, migraine and caffeine withdrawal also were triggers.

If you're one of the nation's 13 million rosacea sufferers, dermatologists suggest that you avoid too much sun, hot weather, wind and strenuous exercise.

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