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New Treatments May Help Restore Speech Lost to Aphasia

Loss of language skills can stem from stroke or other brain damage

For New Mom With Aphasia, 'Giving Up Was Not an Option'

Intense therapy and strong motivation help Michigan woman regain ability to speak

7-Day Stuttering Therapy May Get Results, Study Says

Scans suggest the experimental treatment reorganizes the way the brain works

Many Call Center Workers Plagued by Voice Woes

One-quarter develop issues with hoarseness, sore throats, study finds

Post-Stroke Speech Problems Inflate Cost of Treatment

Language impairment adds $1,700 in first year, study says

Mom's Vitamin D Levels Linked to Language Problems in Kids

Study finds association between low levels in pregnancy and development at ages 5 & 10

Scientists Use Brain Waves to Eavesdrop on the Mind

Computer model seeks to decode heard language, but research is preliminary

Toddlers Don't Seem to Listen to Own Voices to Correct Speech

But study finds 4-year-olds, adults do adjust their pronunciation that way

Speech Therapy Key to Stroke Rehab, But Many Miss Out

Lack of coverage can keep patients from services even though help is out there, experts say

Early, Intensive Therapy Better for Kids With Autism, Study Finds

Social, communication skills improved more when treatment started at early age

Singing May Help Some Stroke Victims Regain Speech

More study needed to see if rhythm and formulaic phrases could lead to improved speech therapies

Early Intervention Holds Hope for Those Who Stutter

Modern treatments tackle physical, mental and emotional components of speech

Human Language Origins Traced to Africa, Study Finds

African languages tend to have more variety of sounds than those in other parts of the world

Brains of Phonetics Experts Differ From Those of General Public

Some differences probably due to training, but others present at birth, study suggests

Bilingualism Seems to Boost Brain Power

Navigating two languages exercises the mind, researchers report

Help for Autism Dwindles After High School

Survey finds almost 40% of young adults with disorder getting no assistance at all

Most ADHD Kids Have Multiple Conditions, Study Says

Two-thirds face other struggles, such as learning disabilities, anxiety, speech problems, data shows

Rep. Giffords' Intensive Rehab Under Way

Efforts to help her speak a priority, doctors say

Rep. Giffords Moved to Rehab Facility

Her condition has been upgraded from 'serious' to 'good'

Rep. Giffords Set to Begin Rehab in Houston

Doctor notes fluid buildup in her brain might delay start of long road to recovery

Rep. Giffords Standing Up, Set to Begin Rehab Friday

Experts heartened by congresswoman's remarkable recovery from gunshot to brain

Speech, Swallowing Usually OK After Head & Neck Cancer Therapy

Most patients had no lasting problems 3 years after chemoradiotherapy, study finds

'Baby Talk' May Play Key Role in Language Acquisition

Mother's brain may be wired to 'goo' and 'coo,' research suggests

Does a Foreign Accent Hurt Credibility?

Study contends finding significant as more people find work in foreign lands

In Conversation, People's Brains Can Mirror Each Other

Study found neural patterns were most similar when people really 'got' each other

Voice Recorders Seem to Help Detect Autism

Vocalization differences heard in young children wearing them, study finds

Getting Closer to Cause of Tourette Syndrome

Finding hints at new treatments for the disorder that causes verbal and motor tics

Voice Analysis May Allow Early Detection of Parkinson's

Changes in speech occur before other symptoms, could help speed diagnosis, findings show

Early Surgery Best for Children With Hearing Loss

Cochlear implants yielded best results when put in those younger than 18 months

First Gene Variants Linked to Stuttering Discovered

Researchers say finding could lead to better therapies, earlier intervention

Voice Problems May Affect Social Life in Parkinson's

Patients perceived as 'negative' due to disease-related changes in their speech, study finds

Kids' Screenings in Place, But Referrals Lacking

Doctors urged to follow up on testing for suspected developmental delays

Ambidextrous Children at Higher Risk for Learning Problems

More likely than right-handed kids to have language problems, ADHD, study finds

After Cochlear Implant, Music Therapy May Aid Speech

Toddlers exposed to musical activities were more communicative, study finds

Your Skin Can Help Your Ears Listen

Study found puffs of air on flesh that mimicked parts of speech colored perception of sounds

Fetus Learns Intonations of Mother's Tongue

French, German newborns show crying patterns that mimic parents' language, study finds

For Tourette Syndrome, Implanted Device May Help

Deep brain stimulation reduced tics in small study

Scientists Discover Gene Key to Human Speech

Special region found only in people offers clues to language development

Prolonged Use of Pacifier Linked to Speech Problems

Kids with sucking habit for more than 3 years may be at increased risk, researchers say

Strides Made in Tonsil Cancer Repair

New technique in palate reconstruction may make speaking, eating easier, study finds

Talk With Kids, Not At Them

Give-and-take conversations speed language development, study finds

TV Interferes With Infants' Language Development

More time watching the tube means less time learning to speak, researchers say

Musicians' Brains Tuned to Emotions in Sound

Finding suggests children with language disorders may benefit from tonal training

Brain Scans Shed Light on Dyslexia

Mismatch occurs between seeing letter and the sound it represents, study suggests

Parkinson's Treatment Drugs Even Out Over Long Term

Levels of disability, quality of life similar on levodopa or pramipexole, study finds

Baby Gestures Linked to Vocabulary Development

Kids from high-income families do better at both, but researchers not exactly sure why

Glaucoma Associated With Reading Impairments in Elderly

Those with vision loss in both eyes read 29 words per minute slower

Scans Show Sound-Processing Deficits in Autistic Kids

Difficulty may underpin language, listening impairments found in disorder, study says

Gene Tied to Common Childhood Language Disorder

The gene has also been implicated in autism, researchers say

Voice Problems in Seniors Undertreated

Many believe it's normal part of aging, so they don't get necessary help, study says