Yowl, Britannia! Britannia Yowls Away

Noise levels in British cities are up sharply

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Living is getting louder, at least in Great Britain.

British cities are 10 times noisier than they were a decade ago, reports the Independent of London. And the problem isn't just an urban one. The report says 30 years ago, 70 percent of England was rated as tranquil, compared to only half the country now.

Of course not everyone thinks stillness is the way to go, as this Urban Noise site points out.

The problem isn't unique to the U.K. In the United States, an increasing number of municipalities have passed anti-noise ordinances, and the Noise Pollution Clearinghouse lists them individually.

Noise problems are usually localized, neighborhood issues. The Nolo Law for All site tells you what legal actions you can take.


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