Health Tip: Preventing Cataracts in Children

Never too early to wear sunglasses

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(HealthDay News) -- Most parents realize that excessive sun exposure can damage the skin and increase the risk of future skin cancer.

But many parents are unaware that excessive sun exposure can also damage the eyes, leading to immediate and future problems. Your child's vision is too precious not to protect it.

Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago recommends that parents encourage their children to wear sunglasses. Buy sunglasses that block 99-100 percent of ultraviolet (UV) light, and realize that the darkness of the lens has nothing to do with its ability to block UV rays. Sunglasses with good UV protection don't have to be expensive.

Encourage your child to wear sunglasses whenever she will be outdoors for more than 20 minutes. The worst times are between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. The worst environments are snow, water, and high altitudes.

Above all, set a good example by wearing your own pair on a regular basis.


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