Glasses Galore

Tips for choosing the right specs

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(HealthDayNews) -- With the huge array of eyeglasses available, selecting a pair that works for you can feel like an overwhelming task.

These suggestions offered by BJC Healthcare may help you wade through the maze of choices:

  • Select a frame that complements your complexion and suits your style. For example, if you're a trendy dresser, steer clear of antique-looking frames.
  • Go for the right fit -- the frame should sit on the bridge of your nose and be the proper temple length.
  • If you spend long hours outdoors or perspire a lot, plastic frames are preferable. Body acids and salts are hard on metal frames.
  • Generally, the stronger the prescription, the smaller the frame should be. It keeps the glasses thinner and lighter.
  • Lots of people choose plastic lenses because of the lighter weight.
  • If you favor tinted lenses, choose rose, brown or very light gray hues. Blues, violets and greens tend to distort color.


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