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Health Tip: No More Tears

Solutions for 'dry eye'

(HealthDayNews) -- Tear production is important to the eye's health, according to the National Eye Institute. Tears keep the organ moist, help wounds heal and protect against eye infection.

In people with dry eye, the eye produces fewer tears and can't keep its surface lubricated and comfortable.

The main symptom of dry eye is a scratchy or sandy feeling. Other symptoms may include stinging or burning, episodes of excess tearing that follow periods of very dry sensation, and pain and redness. Sometimes people with dry eye experience heaviness of the eyelids or blurred, changing or decreased vision.

Artificial tears, available as over-the-counter drops, are the principal treatment for dry eye. Sterile ointments sometimes are used at night to help prevent the eye from drying. A humidifier and avoiding windy and dry conditions outside also may bring relief.

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