Red Eyes

How to get them white again

(HealthDayNews) -- At the end of the day, do the whites of your eyes have more red lines than one of your weaker college term papers? One obvious reason is that you may not be getting enough sleep. Closing your eyes for seven to eight hours helps to rehydrate them, according to the Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation in La Jolla, California.

Other things you should know about treating red eyes include:

If you favor eye drops to whiten your eyes, use them sparingly. Eye drops for red eyes have an agent in them that constricts your blood vessels, which works for a short while. But most of these drops have a rebound effect, so once they wear off, the redness will come back worse than before.

Over-the-counter artificial tears can help redness caused by dry eyes. These eye drops don't shrink blood vessels.

Place a cool, wet washcloth over your closed eyes. This will constrict the blood vessels without the rebound effect, plus the water will add moisture to your eyes.

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