Saline Solutions Don't Help Eye Strain

Use them with a grain of salt

(HealthDayNews) -- If you spend a lot of your time at the computer, chances are that occasionally you're going to get eyestrain. But don't think those saline eye solutions are going to help much.

An article in the journal Experiments in Eye Research cites studies indicating that the thicker eye lubricants were the only helpful substances.

One study had a group of people spend half an hour looking at a computer monitor. Before they started, subjects were blinking at a rate of eight or nine times per minute. At the end of the experiment, they were blinking at the rate of 12 to 13 times a minute. That meant their eyes were becoming dry and strained.

After the thick lubricant drops were applied, the blink rate dropped back to about eight a minute. The salt solutions didn't produce any benefit at all.

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