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Health Tip: Treat Your Sty

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(HealthDay News) -- A sty is a swollen, painful bump that forms on the edge of the eyelid. Although it causes some discomfort, it typically isn't serious and is easy to treat.

A sty can produce discharge, tearing, crusting on the eyelid and a scratchy feeling in the eye.

A sty usually goes away in seven-to-10 days with proper treatment, the American Academy of Family Physicians says.

Here are the academy's suggestions for treating a sty:

  • Apply a warm, damp compress for 10 minutes, three or four times daily.
  • Keep the area near your eye clean.
  • Avoid touching your eye.
  • Don't use eye makeup or contact lenses while the sty heals.
  • Do not squeeze any bump near your eye. Doing so can spread an infection.

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