Health Tip: Field of Dreams

Safety precautions for Little Leaguers

(HealthDay News) -- Now that spring is sprung, children of all ages will be taking to the field for baseball and softball.

The American Academy of Pediatrics offers these safety tips for children aged 5 to 14:

  • Pitchers should limit throws to 90 per outing and 200 per week.
  • Mild muscle soreness after the first few days is normal, but severe or chronic pain, particularly in a specific point in the arm or shoulder, may be a sign of overuse or injury.
  • Use protective equipment. Baseball is a leading cause of sports-related eye injuries in children. Use softer balls for young children. Catchers need chest protection and helmets with safety goggles attached. All players should wear helmets when batting or running bases.
  • Outfielders should also wear goggles, especially if they've already had an eye injury.
  • Children under age 10 should not slide head-first into a base. This can cause serious neck injuries.
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