Health Tip: Prevent Injury From Raking Leaves

Take these precautions

(HealthDay News) - Any time you rake leaves, don't forget that you're sneaking in some exercise. Just as you'd prepare for a trip to the gym, you need to ward off possible injury by taking precautions before you rake.

Here are some suggestions, courtesy of AARP:

  • Dress warmly but in layers. You can peel off a jacket or sweatshirt as you start to get warm.
  • To prevent muscle injury, do a light warm-up before you pick up the rake. Try taking a quick walk, bending and moving your limbs, or do some light stretches.
  • Don't twist your back when you rake. Maintain good posture, and move your whole body rather than twisting to one side.
  • Alternate which side of your body you're raking on to prevent an overuse injury.
  • Drink plenty of water, and take breaks about every 10 minutes, especially if you don't normally get much exercise.
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