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Young Girls, Boys Can Compete on Equal Level

Analysis of nearly 2 million swim records found little or no difference until age 13

Serious Exercise May Benefit Middle-Aged Arteries

Highly active people had less stiffening of their blood vessels, study found

Cash, Coaching May Boost Healthy Living

Study finds that simple changes, reinforced by incentives, can reap rewards

Key to More Active, Slimmer Kids: Friends

Small study found they adjust physical activity based on their social network

Exercise Helps Older Adults Stay Fit

Expert offers advice on working out in your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond

Fitness May Boost Survival for Women With Breast Cancer

Disease, chemotherapy often result in lingering damage to women's heart and lungs

Amazon Tribe Gives Clues to Heart-Healthy Lifestyles

Research in African Pygmies also shows how traditional ways of life aid cardiovascular health

Fitness Fights High Blood Pressure, Even With Family History

Staying in shape lowered odds of developing hypertension by up to 42 percent in study

Fitness in Middle Age Lowers Medical Costs Later: Study

Results suggest preventive efforts focusing on lifestyle choices are well aimed

Exercise Can Help Fight Heart Failure

Small study found it slowed muscle wasting, boosted fitness

Upper-Body Strength Key for NASCAR Drivers

Study found resistance workouts may improve track standings

Testosterone Supplements Might Help Patients With Heart Failure

Small studies found benefits for patients' fitness, ability to exercise

Troubled Homes May Fuel Obesity in Girls

Study found nearly doubled risk in families coping with poverty, drug abuse, other stress

Lifestyle Changes Help Type 2 Diabetics Keep Moving

Weight loss and exercise prevent disability, study finds

Following Heart-Healthy Behaviors May Lengthen Your Life

Study found those who stuck by all seven guidelines lived longer than those who didn't

'Active' Video Games May Not Boost Kids' Fitness: Study

Wii games were no better than 'inactive' selections, researchers found

Desk Jockeys Urged to Take Small Steps to Get Exercise

Expert offers tips for those whose jobs require sitting all day

Even for the Overweight, Exercise Helps the Heart

Study finds changes in physical fitness affect disease risk at any weight

Protect Yourself From Ski-Fatigue Injuries

Expert recommends conditioning exercises to keep skiers, snowboarders healthy

Experts Urge Public Action to Aid Cancer Prevention

Cancer society's new guidelines for diet and exercise stress community support

Need to Exercise More? Think How It Will Help You Now

Shifting from long-term to short-term gains will resonate better, experts say

Covering Gym Fees Might Be Money Saver for Medicare

Medicare Advantage plans that do so lure healthier members, study suggests

Family Tips for Getting Fit

Look for ways to stay active together, experts say

Fun Ways to Include Kids in Fitness Resolutions

Expert tips for making fitness a family matter in 2012

Tips to Start Running and Stay Motivated in 2012

Realistic goals, focus and reaching out to fellow runners all help

Get a Head Start on 2012 Fitness Resolutions

Tips for staying healthy through holiday travel, temptations

Brief, Intense Exercise Lowers Blood Sugar, Small Study Finds

May help type 2 diabetics use glucose more efficiently many hours after activity, researchers say

For Older Runners, the Message Is: Keep Those Legs Pumping

After 60, you still use oxygen efficiently, study finds, but strength declines

Marathons May Damage Part of Heart: Study

But this doesn't mean endurance sports are bad for you, researcher says

U.S. School Kids Often Miss Out on Recess, Study Finds

Researchers urge mandated physical education, recess to give kids time for physical activity

Fitness May Lower Death Risk Even Without Weight Loss

Exercise benefit found in large study of white, middle-class men

Slower Walking Speed Linked to Surgical Risk in Elderly

Before surgery, older patients should be assessed differently than younger patients, researchers say

Obesity More Likely in 'Night-Owl' Kids

Study shows youngsters who stay up late are more sedentary than early-to-bed types

Can't Find Time to Exercise? Schedule It, Experts Say

Fitness goals, and health benefits they bring, seem to remain elusive for many Americans

To Get Up and Get Moving, Joining a Gym Might Help

Classes, coaches, tracking and more can keep people on track, fitness expert says

Too Much TV May Take Years Off Your Life

The reason, experts say, might be that people eat more, move less when in front of the tube

Personal Feedback May Aid Fitness Progress

Researchers show that daily reinforcement helps adults stick to their exercise goals

NASCAR Pit Crews Need Strength, Stamina, Too

It's not just the drivers who need athletic ability to be good at what they do, study finds

Regular Exercise Boosts the Brain, Too

Physical activity helps the brain develop and stay sharp, research shows

Building Muscle May Reduce Diabetes Risk, Study Says

Any effort to get fit is laudable, expert notes

Rigorous Exercise May Boost Benefits of Weight-Loss Surgery

Bariatric patients can improve physical fitness with regular workouts, study finds

College Players' Hoop Dreams May Get Boost From Extra Zzz's

Catching 10 hours of sleep each night had on-court advantages, study finds

Ways to Curb Childhood Obesity Outlined in U.S. Report

Identify overweight kids, encourage more activity, promote good sleep habits, experts say

Exercise Helps Men Battling Diabetes and Sleep Apnea

Low fitness level linked to higher risk of death among males with both conditions, study finds

Fit Doctors More Likely to Prescribe Exercise: Study

Healthy med students tend to say exercise counseling will play role in their future practice

On-the-Job Activity Boosts Americans' Exercise Levels

Certain groups more likely to meet fitness guidelines when work-related exercise is considered

Twin Cities Take Top Ranking for Healthy Living

Fitness index finds residents are exercising more, smoking less than those in other U.S. cities

Tai Chi Prevents Falls, Boosts Mental Health in Seniors: Study

But the gentle form of exercise doesn't relieve symptoms of cancer, arthritis, researchers find

Survey Finds Many Young Adults Oblivious to Heart Health

As obesity and other risk factors rise, many believe stroke and heart disease won't affect them

U.S. Parents Want Kids More Active During School Day: Poll

A third think elementary schools should devote more time to PE, survey finds