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DNA Isn't Destiny: Healthy Living Can Overcome Genes Linked to Heart Disease

Study found exercise, healthy diet could lower odds for heart attack even in those at high genetic risk

How to Exercise Safely in Smog

Research suggests a 'sweet spot' where activity's benefits best meet the effects of dirty air

Daily Can of Soda Boosts Odds for Prediabetes, Study Finds

Diet sodas do not appear to pose the same danger, researcher says

Friendly Competition on Social Media May Get You to the Gym

This type of motivation worked even better than a 'supportive' approach, study found

Exercise and Genetics

Why do some people love to exercise, while others will do anything to avoid it?

Genes May Dictate Your Love -- or Hate -- of Exercise

Researcher says some people don't get the pleasurable effects from activity that others do

Water: Can It Be Too Much of a Good Thing?

Athletes and non-athletes alike may overdo it, sometimes with tragic consequences

Icy Slurry May Be Best Way to Hydrate in Extreme Heat: Study

Water's temperature appears to be more important than how much you drink, researchers find

Downside to Exercise for City Kids: More Pollution

Inhaling black carbon from traffic offsets benefits, environmental health specialist says

New Guidelines Urge Diabetics to Move More

They should do light physical activity every 30 minutes, not every 90 minutes

Health Tip: Enjoy an Active Autumn

Suggestions to keep moving

Stronger Muscles May Pump Up Your Memory

Seniors saw lasting changes from weight-lifting twice a week for 6 months, researchers report

Brain Changes Seen in Kids After One Season of Football

Not yet clear if those changes are lasting or meaningful

1 in 3 Young Athletes With Concussion Returns to Play on Same Day

But, medical recommendation is to stay out of game after head injury

Exercise May Help People Who Already Have Memory Loss

But effects only lasted as long as activity continued, study found

Have Type 2 Diabetes? Try Walking After Eating

Study found it lowered blood sugar levels more than other exercise, particularly if done after dinner

Health Tip: Choosing a Time to Work Out

Pick an hour that's most convenient

Cost Keeps Many Kids From School Sports, Other Activities

Poor children missing out on valuable pursuits, survey finds

Exercise Can Help Manage Type 1 Diabetes

But physical activity doesn't replace need for insulin treatment

Exercise Typically Healthy During Pregnancy, Olympic Panel Says

But statement notes that more studies are needed on intense workouts while expecting

Fitbit, Other Heart Rate Wristbands Often Inaccurate: Study

In test of 4 models, 2 provided 'suboptimal' readings during exercise; none as accurate as chest strap

Health Tip: Use a Workplace Gym

It's a great way to fit in exercise

Leave Those Raking Injuries Behind

Stretch first, pace yourself and remember to stay well-hydrated

Anger, Heavy Exertion: Fast Track to a Heart Attack?

But researchers suggest that artery-clogging plaque has to be present to increase risk

Healthy Living May Mean More Healthy Years for Seniors

Study found they enjoyed longer spans without disability even as they lived longer

Health Tip: Exercise Safely With Diabetes

Talk with your doctor before you start

Health Tip: Stretch Before and After a Workout

Here's how to do it correctly

Do Activity Trackers Like Fitbit Boost Health?

If you own one of the devices, 'the news isn't good,' researcher says

3 Lifestyle Changes To Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Healthy weight, regular exercise and less alcohol could cut incidence by one-third, cancer expert says

Exercise May Not Lower Women's Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

Study shows no benefit, but staying active can help ease disease symptoms, experts say

Exercise Speeds Seniors' Recovery From Disability

Walking regimen also curbs risk of injury in the first place, study finds

9 of 10 U.S. Teens Don't Get Enough Exercise

And bad habits continue after high school for most, study shows

Teenagers and Exercise

Fewer than 9 percent of teens are getting enough exercise, study finds.

Smart City Planning Can Cut Deadly Diseases, Improve Air Quality

Study found big benefit in limiting urban sprawl, encouraging walking and biking

Why the Teen Years May Not Be Lean Years

Adolescents burn about 450 fewer calories daily than 10-year-olds, study finds

Health Tip: Exercise a Painful Knee

The right activity can help

For Kids Playing Pokemon Go, Catch These Safety Tips

Pediatrics group praises physical activity but warns game could be a dangerous distraction

31 Million Older Americans Aren't Getting Enough Exercise

Inactivity boosts their risk for falls, broken bones, serious disease and early death, CDC warns

Diet or Exercise: What's Best for the Middle-Aged Heart

Study finds each effective, as long as healthy weight loss is the result

Bodybuilders' Steroid Abuse Linked to Pre-Diabetic Condition

Misuse of these drugs may interfere with how the body uses the hormone insulin, research shows

Health Tip: Dress for Workout Success

The right clothes make exercise more comfortable

Health Tip: Don't Skip Flexibility Exercises

They're important for mind and body

Rate of Youth Soccer Injuries More Than Doubled in 25 Years

Concussion rate jumped almost 1,600 percent in same time period, study found

Play to Win When It Comes to Kids and Sports Pain

Take injuries seriously, and if no improvement in a few days, see a doctor, specialist says

Can Exercise Offset Alcohol's Damaging Effects?

Even gardening, brisk walking may reduce your risk of booze-related death, researchers say

What's Regular Exercise Worth? Maybe $2,500 Per Year

That's how much a new study says the average adult with heart disease might save in health care costs

Parents Can Play Key Role in Setting Healthy Habits for Kids

Shut down the iPads and lead by example, study suggests

Want Better Heart Health? There's an App for That

Smartphones can help keep you on track with lifestyle changes