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Health Tip: Enjoy Screen-Free Fun With Your Preschooler

Activities to get creativity flowing

Health Tip: Reduce Your Risk of a Stress Fracture

Don't push too hard during exercise

Healthy Living Could Drastically Cut Cancer Deaths

4 key lifestyle factors include: weight, exercise, no smoking and skipping alcohol, study says

Experts Rank America's 'Fittest Cities' -- Is Yours One of Them?

A lower smoking rate helped Washington, D.C., edge out Minneapolis and Denver, report says

Too Few Americans Take Advantage of Local Parks

Modest changes would attract more adults, seniors and females, report says

Health Tip: Practice Rhythmic Breathing

It may raise exercise performance

Joe Montana Scoring Points Against Heart Disease

Former Super Bowl MVP focuses on daily exercise and limiting red meat, salty foods

As Fitness Levels Rise, Diabetes Risk Drops

But change requires dedication to regular exercise in the long run, study shows

Exercise and Cancer Prevention

Higher levels of physical activity very important for cancer prevention, new study finds.

Exercise May Cut Risk of 13 Cancers, Study Suggests

Moderate and vigorous activity includes brisk walking, tennis, jogging, swimming

A Barefoot Run Might Be a Brain Booster

Avoiding injury requires greater concentration and mental power, research suggests

Inactive Women May Face Higher Risk for Cervical Cancer

But study found just 30 minutes of exercise a week might lower chances of disease

Health Tip: Keep Your Head in the Game

Suggestions for staying calm

Pumping Iron? Try Longer Breaks Between Sets for Max Muscles

Study suggests 5-minute rest periods, at least for novices

Could Nasal Spray Curtail Nighttime Bathroom Trips?

Exercise also touted as an answer to 'nocturia'

Restoring Blood Flow Beats Exercise for Poor Leg Circulation

Opening vessels could prevent new scarring in muscles, researchers say

Exercise Is Good for You, Even in Polluted Cities: Study

Walking and cycling also help to curtail unwanted emissions, British researchers say

Seniors: Pump Iron, Live Longer

Twice-weekly strength training cut risk of dying during 15-year study

Strength Training for Health

Strength training lowers the odds of death from any cause, new study finds.

Building Muscle Could Boost the Body's Most Important Muscle

People with heart disease should prioritize weight training over weight loss, study says

Gotta Minute? Get a Good Workout

Study found 60 seconds of intense exercise as effective as 45 minutes of moderate exertion

Health Tip: Choose Energy-Boosting Foods

The right diet fuels your workout

Skateboarding Mishaps Send 176 U.S. Kids to ERs Every Day

Protective gear is essential for preventing injuries, experts say

Americans Getting Adequate Water Daily, CDC Finds

Men take in an average of 14 cups a day, women almost 12

Let Safety Bloom in Your Garden This Season

There are ways to shield yourself from bug bites, excess sun and other backyard hazards, experts say

Retirement Can Be Golden for Your Health

When people stop working, they sit less, move more and get a better night's sleep, study says

Health Tip: Start Changing Your Lifestyle

Begin with these four simple steps

Previous Mental Distress May Slow Concussion Recovery

If 'psychosomatic symptoms' were present before head injury, it took twice as long for most athletes to get better, study found

Regular Exercise May Boost Prostate Cancer Survival

Study found that men who exercised the most had the best outcomes

Does Exercise Help or Hinder Your Diet?

Research shows a workout dulls the appetite, at least temporarily

Cheap Tape May Keep Blisters Off Runners' Feet

Researchers find an easy, effective solution to a perennial problem

Health Tip: Exercise for a Healthier Heart

Activity helps protect against heart disease

Exercise May Counter Harms From Too Much Sitting, Study Says

Fewer risks for heart disease, diabetes seen among physically active adults

Schools in Most States Skimp on Phys Ed, Study Finds

Only Oregon and D.C. require recommended amount of physical activity; many states withhold it or use it as punishment

Too Much Sitting May Shorten Your Life, Study Suggests

Getting out of the chair for just 30 minutes more a day has health benefits, researchers say

Intensive Exercise a Fountain of Youth for Aging Muscles

Study found muscle tissues of elderly athletes more robust and younger than those of non-athletic peers

Common Irregular Heartbeat May Hamper Seniors' Walking Ability

Atrial fibrillation tied to faster physical decline, study finds

Right Neighborhood May Mean 90 Extra Minutes of Exercise a Week

10-nation study shows those in activity-friendly urban areas walk a lot more

Cold Weather Can Spike Football Injuries, Study Finds

NFL concussions and ankle injuries more likely in lower temperatures, Canadian researchers say

Stay Safe in the Water This Spring Break

Vigilance at the beach is key, especially for young children, expert says

Health Tip: Fighting Stress

Distract yourself from worries

Injuries More Common in Teens Who Focus on Single Sport

Study shows the more teens specialize, the greater the risk of knee and hip problems

Spring a Good Time to Instill Healthy Habits in Kids

Outside activity feels less like a chore when the weather is warm, expert suggests

Health Tip: Make Your Workouts More Intense

Guidelines for safe exercise

Exercise May Keep Your Brain 10 Years Younger, Study Suggests

Physically active seniors stayed mentally sharper than their sedentary peers

Less Than 3 Percent of Americans Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Factors studied included not smoking, eating right, exercising and keeping a low percentage of body fat

Exercise Helps Ease Psychosis Symptoms

Personalized workouts included at least 100 minutes of vigorous activity each week, researchers said

Exercise May Extend Lives of People With COPD

Study seems to show a big benefit, and experts say activity can help lungs stay healthy

Biking or Walking to Work Helps Keep You Fit

Middle-aged folks who had an 'active' commute weighed less than their driving peers