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Health Tip: Help Prevent Exercise Injury

Don't forget to warm up and cool down

Discerning Gift-Givers Look for Toys That Offer More Than Fun

Some of the best choices spur imagination and exercise, experts say

Choosing a Toy? Think 'Kid-Powered'

These are gifts that offer open-ended chances for children to explore, imagine and play

Poor Lifestyles Harming U.S. Heart Health: Report

Comprehensive update shows Americans gaining weight, eating more junk food, exercising less

Brief, Intense Exercise Lowers Blood Sugar, Small Study Finds

May help type 2 diabetics use glucose more efficiently many hours after activity, researchers say

NYC Sees Drop in Child Obesity; Can Other Cities Do Same?

Still, 1 in 5 children is obese, researchers say

Snow Shoveling Really Does Raise Heart Attack Risk: Study

Seven percent of heart patients at Canadian hospital said symptoms started while clearing snow

'Body Clock' Might Affect Women's Dementia Risk

Timing of daily physical activity was also linked to odds for mental decline, study found

Want to Cut Chocolate Cravings? Take a Walk

Workplace snackers who took treadmill breaks ate less than those who rested, study found

Health Tip: Keep the Sport in Kids' Sports

Make sure focus isn't only on winning

Can Chewing Gum Boost Exam Scores?

Study also finds that chewing throughout exam could backfire

More Americans Exercise, but Arthritis Can Get in the Way

Significant numbers with the joint disease shy away from physical activity, CDC finds

Marathons May Damage Part of Heart: Study

But this doesn't mean endurance sports are bad for you, researcher says

U.S. School Kids Often Miss Out on Recess, Study Finds

Researchers urge mandated physical education, recess to give kids time for physical activity

Circle of Friends Key to Adopting Healthy Habits: Study

When people of similar age, sex, size buddied up online, they made gains, researchers say

More Exercise Could Make For Better Sleep: Study

Those getting 150 minutes' activity a week were less likely to report daytime fatigue

One-Third of Firefighter Injuries Are Exercise-Induced: Study

Sprains and strains most common injuries on the job

Healthy Heart Habits May Also Guard Against Cancer

Good cholesterol, blood pressure levels and more appear to reduce tumor risk, study finds

Study Suggests Exercise May Help Memory of Fibromyalgia Patients

The trial was small, however, and the researchers were hoping for better results

Too Few Doctors Screen Young Athletes for Hidden Heart Trouble

Study of Washington state physicians, high school officials shows not enough are asking the right questions

Former Football Players' Brains May Benefit From Healthy Lifestyle

Better diet, more exercise might delay cognitive decline linked to head trauma, study says

New Guidelines Issued for Genetic Heart Disease

Experts outline recommendations for treating hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Specialized Warm-Up May Reduce Girls' Knee Injuries

Teams that practiced 'neuromuscular' training had lower injury rate, study finds

Runners Can Relax About Holiday Feasting: Study

Choosing meat over fruit tends to boost waist size, but risk may be lower for high-mileage runners

Newer Not Necessarily Better for Football Helmet Design

Comparison of old 'leatherhead' and modern polycarbonate helmets shows updates still needed

Older Americans Encouraged to Get Fit

New 'Go4Life' program targets folks 50 and over

Overweight Teens Don't Seem to Grasp Weight Loss Rules

Researchers find girls still drink sodas while exercising, and boys don't exercise at all

Exercise Might Help Thwart 'Obesity Gene'

Researchers find genetic risk lower in those who stay physically active

Yoga Gets Women With Back Pain Moving: Study

But the British research did not show any more easing of discomfort with the technique

Health Tip: Get Into the Habit of Exercising

Suggestions to make it part of your day

Glaucoma Experts Eye Benefits of Exercise

Moderate activity may reduce an important risk factor, study finds

Health Tip: Exercise for Stronger Knees

Here are potential benefits

Yoga, Stretching Classes Outdo Self-Care for Back Pain: Study

Weekly sessions led to less discomfort, medication

Nutrition, Hydration Tips Can Give Marathon Runners a Leg Up

Expert offers guidelines on what to eat and drink while preparing and competing

Hockey Fistfights Rarely Cause Injuries, Study Claims

Punches thrown on solid ground pack more power, researchers say

Health Tip: Take Care to Prevent Stress Fractures

Exercise carefully and don't ignore an injury

Sperm Moves Best for Moderate Exercisers: Study

Lighter or strenuous physical activity associated with less sperm motility

Neighborhoods With Busy Intersections Discourage Children's Play

Study shows that kids who live in high traffic areas less active than those who live on quiet streets

Regular Exercise Seems to Guard Against Migraine

Study showed it worked as well as medication in preventing attacks

Health Tip: When Exercise Causes Hives

Here are possible symptoms

Exercise Linked to Reduced Worker Productivity

Highly stressed workers tend to exercise more, work less, study shows

Bicycle May Speed Up Parkinson's Diagnosis

Ability to ride a bike may help doctors distinguish between motor disorders, study says

More Kids Treated for Concussions in ERs: CDC

Increased awareness of traumatic brain injury may be driving this trend, researchers say

Health Tip: Taking Exercise to the Extreme

Signs that you may be a compulsive exerciser

3 Hours of Exercise Weekly Can Cut Men's Heart Risks

Study found lowered risk related to higher levels of 'good' cholesterol

Exercise Tips for Breast Cancer Survivors

Regular physical activity offers survivors a slew of physiological and psychological benefits, experts say

Obesity More Likely in 'Night-Owl' Kids

Study shows youngsters who stay up late are more sedentary than early-to-bed types

Cardiac Rehab May Help Heart Patients Live Longer

Program that trains heart to return to normal beat rate after exercise is underutilized, experts say

Less Play Time = More Troubled Kids, Experts Say

Adult interference may deprive children of needed challenges, not to mention fun

Fall-Prone Seniors May Have Trouble Adjusting to Poorer Vision

Some elderly may not alter their walking speed when their sight is impaired, study finds