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Health Tip: Exercise for Stronger Knees

Here are potential benefits

Yoga, Stretching Classes Outdo Self-Care for Back Pain: Study

Weekly sessions led to less discomfort, medication

Nutrition, Hydration Tips Can Give Marathon Runners a Leg Up

Expert offers guidelines on what to eat and drink while preparing and competing

Hockey Fistfights Rarely Cause Injuries, Study Claims

Punches thrown on solid ground pack more power, researchers say

Health Tip: Take Care to Prevent Stress Fractures

Exercise carefully and don't ignore an injury

Sperm Moves Best for Moderate Exercisers: Study

Lighter or strenuous physical activity associated with less sperm motility

Neighborhoods With Busy Intersections Discourage Children's Play

Study shows that kids who live in high traffic areas less active than those who live on quiet streets

Regular Exercise Seems to Guard Against Migraine

Study showed it worked as well as medication in preventing attacks

Health Tip: When Exercise Causes Hives

Here are possible symptoms

Exercise Linked to Reduced Worker Productivity

Highly stressed workers tend to exercise more, work less, study shows

Bicycle May Speed Up Parkinson's Diagnosis

Ability to ride a bike may help doctors distinguish between motor disorders, study says

More Kids Treated for Concussions in ERs: CDC

Increased awareness of traumatic brain injury may be driving this trend, researchers say

Health Tip: Taking Exercise to the Extreme

Signs that you may be a compulsive exerciser

3 Hours of Exercise Weekly Can Cut Men's Heart Risks

Study found lowered risk related to higher levels of 'good' cholesterol

Exercise Tips for Breast Cancer Survivors

Regular physical activity offers survivors a slew of physiological and psychological benefits, experts say

Obesity More Likely in 'Night-Owl' Kids

Study shows youngsters who stay up late are more sedentary than early-to-bed types

Cardiac Rehab May Help Heart Patients Live Longer

Program that trains heart to return to normal beat rate after exercise is underutilized, experts say

Less Play Time = More Troubled Kids, Experts Say

Adult interference may deprive children of needed challenges, not to mention fun

Fall-Prone Seniors May Have Trouble Adjusting to Poorer Vision

Some elderly may not alter their walking speed when their sight is impaired, study finds

Lifestyle Changes May Prevent Heart Failure

Watching your weight, not smoking, exercising and eating your veggies top the list

Muscle Training May Benefit Chronic Heart Failure Patients

Working out the small muscles helps boost oxygen flow, exercise capacity, study shows

Routine Chores Might Help Keep Dementia at Bay

Study found seniors who expended most energy on daily duties less likely to have mental declines

Healthy Living Can Cut Chances of Developing Diabetes

Study finds risk can be reduced up to 80 percent, researchers say

Can't Find Time to Exercise? Schedule It, Experts Say

Fitness goals, and health benefits they bring, seem to remain elusive for many Americans

To Get Up and Get Moving, Joining a Gym Might Help

Classes, coaches, tracking and more can keep people on track, fitness expert says

Greater Exercise Intensity May Add Years to Life

How hard you work out seems to trump how long you work out for boosting longevity, study says

Billie Jean King Says Exercise Your Best Shot Against Arthritis

Try tennis or any activity you love to keep joints moving, she urges in new campaign

Health Tip: Seniors, Prepare for Exercise

Suggestions for getting started

Walk-to-School Programs Put Kids' Fitness First

In study, Texas communities involved parent volunteers to get youngsters more active

Jogging Beats Weight Lifting for Losing Belly Fat: Study

Compared with resistance training, aerobic exercise burns 67% more calories, research shows

Realistic Activity Goals Seem to Ease Arthritis Pain, Study Finds

Belief in ability to do exercise, and following through, can improve life for rheumatoid arthritis patients

Health Tip: Exercise to Help Your Heart and Lungs

Aerobic exercises include walking, swimming, running, biking and hiking

Marriage May Do a Heart Good for Bypass Surgery

Study finds post-op survival rises for those in committed relationships

Healthy Behaviors Will Help You Live Longer: CDC

Don't smoke, eat healthy meals, exercise regularly and limit alcohol, researchers say

A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way to Cut Disease, Death Risk

Even 15 minutes a day seems to increase life expectancy, researchers say

Too Much TV May Take Years Off Your Life

The reason, experts say, might be that people eat more, move less when in front of the tube

Heat Safety Precautions May Save Student Athletes

As practice resumes, players need to defend themselves from the elements

Many Arthritis Patients May Not Be Exercising Enough

More than half of women, 40% of men were deemed 'couch potatoes' by researchers

Cardiologists Often Miss Heart Defects in Young Athletes: Study

Screening to prevent sudden cardiac death is difficult and may lead to bad calls, researchers say

Personal Feedback May Aid Fitness Progress

Researchers show that daily reinforcement helps adults stick to their exercise goals

Pumping Iron Helps Smokers Quit Without Weight Gain: Study

Those who lifted weights regularly were twice as likely to kick the habit, researchers found

Regular Exercise Helps Keep Leg Arteries Clear

Those who are active throughout their life at lower risk for peripheral arterial disease: study

NASCAR Pit Crews Need Strength, Stamina, Too

It's not just the drivers who need athletic ability to be good at what they do, study finds

With Age, Focus on Body Shifts From Appearance to Function

In study, exercise's biggest psychological boost came from improved health and ability, not attractiveness

Many Kids Now Engage in Media 'Multi-Tasking'

Filling every empty moment, they switch between phones, TV, computers, UK study finds

Health Tip: Skate Safely

In-line skating suggestions

Regular Exercise Boosts the Brain, Too

Physical activity helps the brain develop and stay sharp, research shows

Post-Heart Attack Exercise May Depend on Where You Live

Poor areas often lack places for survivors to be active, study finds