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Short Bursts of Exercise Good for the Heart: Study

And it's not as time-consuming as less strenuous workouts, researchers say

'Retail Therapy' Might Really Work

Daily shopping prolonged survival among elders by 27%, say Taiwanese researchers

Sudden Cardiac Death More Common in Young Athletes Than Thought

Findings highlight need for screening those participating in school sports, experts say

Yoga May Also Calm a Dangerous Irregular Heartbeat

Small study found reduction in episodes of atrial fibrillation, which can raise stroke risk

Tips for Keeping Young Athletes Safe

Doctor's OK recommended before kids start playing sports, expert says

Exercise Is Key for People With Arthritis: Expert

Too much sitting around can worsen the condition

Diet-Exercise Combo Seems to Work Best for Obese Seniors

Doing both helps shed pounds, boosts stamina, but workout alone not enough to lose weight: study

Healthy Lifestyles Could Halve Cases of Dangerous Irregular Heartbeat

Atrial fibrillation raises stroke risk, but it doesn't have to happen, study shows

Health Tip: Help Strengthen Your Bones

With weight-bearing exercises

Hot Days Turn Pitchers Into Hot Heads

Major league pitchers more likely to 'bean' batters in retaliation during sweltering weather, study finds

Cyclists Urged to Prep Their Bodies for the Long Haul

Mainly carbs and liquids needed for the mind and muscles alike, experts say

Taking Responsibility for Own Health Often Not Enough

Pennsylvania survey found 93% hold themselves accountable but 33% don't exercise

Exercise May Blunt Salt's Effect on Hypertension

The more active you are, the less a high-sodium diet will raise your blood pressure, study suggests

Study: Infrequent Sex Can Raise Risk of Heart Attack, Death

Danger greatest shortly after physical activity, but absolute risk small, research finds

High Blood Pressure Linked to Drop in Walking Speed, Study Finds

Major declines affect seniors' ability to remain independent, researchers say

Fido May Help Keep You Fit

Dog owners more likely to meet exercise guidelines, study finds

Betting During March Madness May Make the Games Less Fun

Enjoyment gets lost in the wagering, even for those who pick a winner, researcher says

Health Tip: Get Some Exercise

And fresh air at the same time

Southeastern States Mired in the 'Diabetes Belt': CDC Report

Wide swath cutting across U.S. needs better prevention and treatment efforts, study suggests

Video Games That Make Kids Move Burn Calories

Study found energy expenditure equaled that of moderate to vigorous exercise

Sledding Source of Most Winter Sports Injuries: Report

More than 700,000 injuries linked to the activity in U.S. each year, surgeon says

Exercise Common Sense During Warm Weather Activities

With summer coming, brush up on safety precautions to prevent heat illness

Risk of Drug-Resistant Staph Infection in Gym Low: Study

No MRSA found on equipment tested, so extensive cleaning not always necessary

Parks Add Options for Kids' Exercise, Study Finds

Certain features of outdoor spaces help cut sedentary indoor time, Australian researchers say

Kidney Transplant Patients Urged to Keep Fit to Survive

Low levels of physical activity linked to raised risk of early death, researchers warn

Endurance Exercise Thwarts Premature Aging in Mice

Researchers liken aggressive workouts to 'fountain of youth'

Family Dog Might Make Teens More Active

Study finds slight rise in daily exercise, although exact reasons aren't clear

Spinal Fusion Surgery May Leave Some Back Pain Patients Worse Off: Study

Those who got operation were less likely to return to work than those treated in other ways

Busy Social Life May Stave Off Disability in Elderly

Seniors who participate in activities are better able to continue self-care, study finds

Views on Pitchers' Elbow Surgery Called 'Disturbing'

Survey finds effect of pitch counts underestimated, benefits overestimated

Separate Bikes-Only Lanes in Cities Cut Injury Rate: Study

Cycle tracks separated from traffic would also encourage more biking, experts say

Study Says 2 Therapies Help Fight Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Cognitive behavior counseling and exercise program enhanced standard treatment, according to British researchers

Pre-Run Stretching Doesn't Prevent Injuries, Study Finds

But switching your routine could get you hurt, expert says

Knee Replacements Still Work 20 Years Later

Study showed most recipients remained active and pain-free

Appalachia, the South Home to Least-Active Americans: CDC

Exercise can help ward off heart disease, cancer, diabetes, agency notes

Stress Fractures Hitting High School Athletes

Study finds overuse injuries are common in running-related sports

Pedal Your Way to Better Health, at Work

Study tests portable device that desk-bound workers could use

Quick, Simple Test Can Detect Concussion in Athletes

Screening superior to other sideline tests in spotting early signs of brain trauma, researchers say

Get Into Shape Before Spring Activities, Doctor Advises

A checkup, improved strength, flexibility can help prevent injuries when starting a new sport

Helmet Use Encouraged for Downhill Skiers, Snowboarders

Head protection gains attention following high-profile deaths on the slopes

Skin Infections Can Spread Easily Among Athletes

But outbreaks of herpes, ringworm and MRSA are preventable, dermatologist says

Overweight Kids Who Exercise Improve Thinking, Math Skills: Study

Chronic sedentary behavior 'is compromising children's ability and achievement,' research suggests

Therapy Can Help Stroke Patients Walk, Even After 6 Months

Comparison study found intense training at home as good as high-tech treadmill device

Obesity Tied to Education, Income, but Not Suburbia: Study

Findings dispute belief that city living is advantageous weight-wise

Frequent Pitching Could Harm Kids' Shoulders, Elbows

They should pitch no more than 100 innings per calendar year, and some less, experts say

Cancer on the Rise in Developing Countries: Report

As economies grow, nations see increasing rates of lifestyle-related diseases, experts say

Healthier Lifestyles May Prevent 340,000 U.S. Cancers a Year: Study

Regular exercise, balanced diet, limited alcohol help ward off disease, researchers find

How to Survive Super Bowl Excesses

For those who tend to overindulge in food and alcohol, a doctor has a few simple tips

Narrowed Leg Arteries Disable Women Faster Than Men: Study

Women were 2.3 times less likely to be able to walk a continuous quarter mile after 4 years