Health Tip: Overdoing Dieting or Exercise

Too much of good thing

(HealthDay News) -- Some athletes focus too much on being thin, pushing exercise and dieting to the extreme.

This can cause long-term health issues and end up impairing athletic performance, the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons says.

So how do women know if they're taking diet and exercise too far? The academy says if you're missing menstrual periods, have a stress fracture, or have symptoms of an eating dsorder, you should discuss the following factors with your doctor:

  • How you exercise and what you eat.
  • Your age when menstruation began, and whether your periods are regular.
  • Whether you are sexually active, use birth control and have ever been pregnant.
  • If you've had a stress fracture.
  • History of gaining or losing weight.
  • All medications that you take.
  • Any symptoms that may indicate other medical problems.
  • Your family history of disease.
  • Things in your life that cause stress.
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