Old Ankle Sprains Can Haunt You

Put you at risk for more serious injury down the road

SATURDAY, March 22, 2003 (HealthDayNews) --If you've suffered an ankle sprain in the past, you could be at increased risk for more serious foot or ankle damage.

It's estimated that one in four sports injuries involves the foot or ankle. A majority of those foot and ankle injuries are the result of incomplete rehabilitation of earlier injuries, say experts at the recent annual scientific meeting of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

People who are particular risk for those kinds of injuries are newly active baby boomers who are aging and trying to improve their physical condition by getting back into sports and fitness.

If that sounds like you, the experts recommend you get your ankles checked for chronic instability caused by sprains and other injuries from years ago that may not have healed properly.

Both weekend athletes and professional athletes often underestimate how serious a sprain can be and they hurry to get back into their sport or activity without taking the time necessary for proper rehabilitation of the injury.

A sprain that occurred years ago can leave residual weakness that isn't noticed while you're doing you normal daily activities. But physical activity can further damage improperly healed ligaments and result in persistent pain and swelling, the experts say.

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SOURCE: MPR Associates Inc. news release
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