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Overcoming Obstacles to Fitness

Study shows reasons why people stop working out

Most of us start on a fitness program filled with good intentions. Some stick with it. Others give up before they've even really started.

Why do some people give up? The answer varies, but health experts say the key is to identify barriers to staying fit, so you can overcome them, an article from C-Health says. According to the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute, more than 60 percent of Canadians aren't getting enough exercise.

Part of that has to do with lack of motivation. But there are other obstacles as well, some of which can be dealt with. They include cost: more than 25 percent of Canadians, particularly women and those younger than 44, thought cost was a barrier.

Another hurdle: About 20 percent of survey respondents thought they just weren't good at sports. This was a problem mainly among older adults, women and people who hadn't engaged in sports before. Other survey respondents, mostly older adults, felt constrained by a lack of information. They didn't know where to go to participate in sports and physical activity.

Identifying and overcoming the barriers to fitness can result in many benefits. According to an article from CNN, one study shows that joggers live longer. If the idea of going for a run or to the gym leaves you feeling bored, try just getting outside. Doing some heavy-duty gardening can fulfill your fitness needs, according to this article from

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