Walk Wisely

Healthy tips for exercising by getting your feet moving

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SUNDAY, Oct. 19, 2003 (HealthDayNews) -- Walking is a fun, easy and inexpensive way to get fit.

But you need to pay attention to your posture and movement while you walk or you may be doing yourself more harm than good, says an article in the October issue of the Mayo Clinic Health Letter.

The article offers the following tips for better walking:

  • Hold your head high. Keep your chin parallel to the ground and avoid jutting your head forward, which can place strain on your neck.
  • Keep your neck, shoulders, back and hands relaxed while you walk. Hold your shoulders back and down. Don't hunch or shrug. Let your arms swing, with a slight bend to each elbow. Don't clench your fists.
  • Gently tighten stomach muscles. Move your navel toward your spine. This keeps the abdominal muscles tight and your back straight.
  • Tread softly. Roll your feet from heel toe as you walk. Avoid crashing your heels to the ground as you move.

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SOURCE: Mayo Clinic, news release, October 2003


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