Water Workouts Making a Splash

From kickboxing to aerobics, the pool's now cool

Water workouts aren't just for seniors anymore. Water-based exercise classes are popping up all over the place and offer everything from aerobic dance to kickboxing in the pool, according to this article from the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The water offers natural resistance and is a great alternative for people who still want to exercise outdoors when it's hot, the story says. Water workouts can also help people with injuries return to physical activity.

You don't have to take a class to get the benefits of a water workout, either. The article recommends jogging in the water, walking around the shallow end of the pool, doing jumping jacks, lunges, knee lifts and kicking. Use a flotation belt or a styrofoam noodle to float while bicycling or doing leg stretches, the story suggests.

Working out in the water can be a great way to increase your cardiovascular capability, circulation, strength and flexibility, says this article on CNN. The story explains that because the water makes you buoyant, you're relieved of about 90 percent of your body weight. Yet, because water offers plenty of resistance, it's like working out with weights all around you.

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