Health Tip: Swimming Safety

Prevent accidents around the pool

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(HealthDay News) -- Swimming is a perfect way to spend a summer day, and a great way to exercise. But accidents can happen, and teaching your children to swim properly is an important way to prevent them.

Here are some suggestions to keep your children safe, courtesy of the Nemours Foundation:

  • Make sure that an adult is present any time children are swimming. Children should know that they are never allowed to get into a pool, lake or ocean without an adult around.
  • Children and novice adult swimmers should always swim with someone else in the pool.
  • Children should wear flotation devices, like a life vest.
  • Keep children who are just learning to swim in the shallow end.
  • Be careful when playing in the water -- be sure not to jump on or push anyone into the water, and don't run around pool decks that may be slippery.


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