Tips to Treat an Ulcer

Some may surprise you

(HealthDayNews) -- Years ago, if you had an ulcer, you were put on a strictly bland diet.

Now that antibiotics and drugs reduce stomach acid, where does the bland diet stand?

According to the journal Medical Clinics of North America, milk and milk products --a basic part of the ulcer diet -- are not recommended. Milk neutralizes gastric acid, but only for a short time. When the effect wears off, the acid comes back worse than before.

Most spices, particularly black pepper and red pepper, which can cause stomach upset, should still be avoided. But chili powder, on the other hand, seems to be safe.

Take it easy on alcoholic beverages, which increase stomach acid. High concentrations of alcohol, around 80 proof, are the worst. Stick with beer and wine.

Avoid coffee, including decaf, which stimulates gastric acid.

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