Alcohol Abuse News

Though its purchase and consumption are legal, alcohol is a drug. And like all drugs, it can lead to dependency and addiction if not consumed responsibly. The term “alcohol abuse” is generally used when people fall into a habit of drinking so frequently or in such a manner that it affects other parts of their lives, including jobs, family and overall behavior.

Alcohol abuse is often seen as a stepping stone to alcoholism, which is defined as a chronic, potentially life-threatening addiction to alcohol. Both conditions are often classified as alcohol use disorders.

Effects of Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol use disorders in the United States are fairly widespread. When the disorder is still perceived as “alcohol abuse,” there is not yet a physical dependence on alcohol. However, alcohol abuse can still cause a number of problems. For example, people who abuse alcohol will often put themselves in dangerous situations, including driving drunk or potentially getting arrested or arguing with family and other loved ones. They will show a tendency to put their drinking ahead of more important responsibilities in their lives, like work or family.

When alcohol abuse progresses to alcoholism, it becomes a full-blown addiction. The alcoholic literally needs alcohol and will go through withdrawal symptoms like sweating, shaking and extreme irritability without it. In addition, alcoholics need ever-increasing amounts of alcohol to achieve the feeling they desire.

Treatment for Alcohol Abuse

Even if the alcohol use disorder is not full-blown alcoholism, most people with drinking problems can benefit from a formal treatment program. This will typically involve therapy, including counseling, support groups and possibly individual sessions with a therapist. Many people who get help for their alcohol abuse are able to remain alcohol free after treatment.

SOURCES: U.S. National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism; U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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Countries with highest alcohol use during pregnancy include Belarus, Britain, Denmark, Ireland and Russia

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Alcohol May Fuel Prostate Cancer Risk

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Blood Test May Spot Babies at Risk for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Study singled out infants who showed physical, mental signs of exposure

More Than Half of Americans Have Chronic Health Problem: Study

Medical conditions, mental illness and substance abuse problems often overlap, researchers say

Heavy Drinking While Young May Mean Hefty Health Tab Later

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Drinking and Gender

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Women Reaching Equality in Dubious Habit: Drinking

Females also closing the gender gap on health problems from alcohol consumption

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Alcoholics May Lack Key Enzyme

Rat study suggests PRDM2 helps the brain control impulses to drink

Alcohol May Damage the Heart -- at Least for Some

Booze linked to atrial fibrillation, a dangerous condition that raises stroke risk

Drunk as the Company You Keep?

Perceptions of your intoxication influenced by how much those around you are drinking, study finds

TV Booze Ads a Lubricant for Teen Drinking: Study

Those who saw the most commercials downed 200-plus drinks a month, researchers say

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Doctors should ask patients with atrial fibrillation about their drinking

Unhealthy Habits May Cost Canadians 6 Years of Life

Smoking, inactivity top the list of culprits, researchers say

U.S. College Kids Drink More, Smoke Less Than Others Their Age

Full-time students aged 18 to 22 also have higher rates of binge-drinking, survey finds

Would Weaker Beer Help Reduce Alcohol's Harms?

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Keep Illicit Drugs, Booze Out of the Home to Lower Teens' Addiction Risk: Study

Early exposure ups likelihood of substance abuse when they reach their 20s, researcher says

Mental Illness May Make Teens Vulnerable to Drugs, Alcohol

Brazilian study found half of those who smoked, drank, did pot had symptoms of psychological disorders

Heavy Drinking Might Harm the Lungs

Alcohol appears to reduce levels of a protective respiratory gas, study finds

Alcohol, Obesity Could Raise Esophageal Cancer Risk

A third of cases would vanish if people stayed trim and didn't drink, cancer experts say

Smoke Less, Drink Less?

Study found those who tried to quit cigarettes drank less alcohol, but reasons unclear

Cash Rewards Won't Change Outcomes for HIV-Infected Drug Addicts: Study

Trial offered 'financial incentives' for healthy behavior change, with little effect, researchers say

The Older the Drinking Age, the Lower the Illness Rates?

Study found states with legal age of 21 had less booze-linked chronic ills -- except for college grads