Teenage Alcohol Abuse

Here's how to spot it

(HealthDayNews) -- For many teenagers, alcohol is the drug of choice. It's used and abused more than any other substance, according to the Texas Medical Center.

Here are some signs your teen's drinking may be out of control:

  • Increased defiance.
  • Failing grades.
  • A sudden lapse in school attendance.
  • Lying about where he's been or who he's been with.
  • Giving up usual activities, such as sports and homework.
  • Depressed attitude or mood swings.
  • Weight loss, change in sleep habits or energy level.
  • Mental confusion.
  • Increased physical complaints, such as upset stomach, and headaches.
  • Getting into trouble with the law.
  • Traffic accidents.

If this description sounds like your child, consult a professional.

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