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Avoiding Alcohol Helps the Heart Beat Better

Each decade of teetotaling lowers risk of atrial fibrillation, study finds

Is an Occasional Drink OK During Pregnancy?

Evidence isn't yet clear, but a new review says there's a slight chance of possible harm

Could a Little Alcohol Lower Your Diabetes Risk?

Daily drink or two may provide a bit of protection, study suggests, but one expert skeptical

Alcohol Can Be a Risky Guest at Holiday Parties

Don't pressure people to drink and make sure those who are imbibing have a designated driver

A Little Alcohol Each Day May Cut Your Risk of Stroke

But drinking doesn't curb risk of every kind of stroke, and heavy drinking increases the danger, study finds

Moderate Drinking May Not Lengthen Life, Study Suggests

But other experts note that numerous studies have shown benefits of alcohol consumption

Cigarettes May Sabotage Alcoholics' Recovery

Smokers were twice as likely as nonsmokers to resume drinking, study finds

Close Friends May Be Key to Teens' Drinking

Larger peer group is less important when it comes to drinking or not, study says

Holidays Can Trip Up Problem Drinkers

Addiction specialist shares tips, including advice for alcohol-less celebrations

Baldness Drug Propecia May Put Some Men Off Alcohol: Study

Men with sexual side effects appear to drink less, even after they stop taking the drug

Designated Drivers Often Drink Themselves, Study Finds

While most abstained, 35 percent had alcohol in bloodstreams and some were legally drunk

In Terms of Drinking, the Rich Are Different, Study Says

Certain groups in poor neighborhoods are more likely to become problem drinkers, researchers find

Moderate Drinking May Cut Women's Odds for Rheumatoid Arthritis: Study

More than 3 weekly glasses of beer, wine or liquor halved risk of the autoimmune disease

Stress Linked to Higher Mortality Risk Among Men

Even moderate but sustained stress might have deadly effects, study suggests

For Women, Moderate Midlife Drinking Linked to Healthier Old Age

Regular alcohol consumption was more beneficial than an occasional drink, study says

Even One Glass of Beer, Wine Boosts Car Crash Risk: Study

'Buzzed' drivers more likely to speed, neglect seat-belts and be in the striking vehicle, results show

Helping Fellow Addicts Can Help Maintain Sobriety

Researchers find 'kinship of common suffering' in Alcoholics Anonymous predicts better recovery

Drink or Two a Week While Pregnant Might Not Harm Baby: Study

But U.S. experts strongly disagree with British finding

A Little Drinking Cuts Death Risk for Older Adults

Teetotalers' lower survival partly explained by other health, social issues, study found

Warm But Watchful Parents Can Keep Kids From Heavy Drinking

Parenting style has a lot to do with whether bad habits form, survey finds

Study Challenges Notion That Moderate Drinking Protects the Heart

Higher social status, better overall health could explain the link, researchers say

Heavy Daily Drinking Linked to Worse Health

But moderate alcohol use tied to better lifestyle habits, study finds

Alcoholics' Relapses Better Understood

Brain mechanism could be key, and an existing drug might help, scientists say

Alcoholics May Never Fully Regain Balance

Ex-drinkers still tend to sway, study finds

Habits May Keep Couples Together or Tear Them Apart

If one partner smokes, drinks more than the other, marriage may suffer, study finds

Non-Drinkers More Likely to Be Anxious, Depressed

Teetotalers may experience social exclusion, have health problems, study suggests

Drinkers May Exercise More Than Teetotalers

Activity levels rise along with alcohol use, survey shows

Increasing Alcohol Use Tied to More Hospitalization

Heavy drinkers were affected most, but link holds for even mild use, study finds

Alcohol-Related Ills Increasing Worldwide

One in 25 deaths is drinking-related, study finds

Research Finds Causal Link Between Ending Drinking, Depression

But giving mice on the wagon an antidepressant restored brain's ability to make new cells

Alcohol's Impact on Heart, Stroke Risk Differs by Gender

Amount that may be beneficial for men is not good for women, study says

Alcoholism Gender Gap Is Closing

Changing social mores, opportunities for women make it not just a 'man's disease' anymore

To Avoid Gout, Avoid Stout

But wine is fine, says new research

Does Tea Belong in the Medicine Chest?

Studies find array of health benefits from beverage

Teens Have Tricks for Cutting Back on Booze

Findings may be fodder for improving alcohol-abuse programs

No Amount of Alcohol Safe for Expectant Moms

Study finds even moderate drinking during pregnancy is risky

Wine Lovers Toast to Their Health

Study finds their lifestyles differ from teetotalers, drinkers of other alcohol

Teetotaling's Best for Blood Pressure

Even modest amounts of alcohol boost blood pressure in Japanese studies

Don't Get Around Much Anymore?

You're not alone: Study finds partying fizzles with age

A Nip a Day Won't Nip Ability to Have Nippers

Study: Moderate drinkers got pregnant faster than teetotalers