Plavix plus Aspirin Gets FDA Priority Review

Blood thinner found to reduce heart attack risk

FRIDAY, Sept. 21, 2001 (HealthDayNews) --The manufacturers of the blood thinner Plavix have been given an FDA priority review for of a combination therapy with aspIrin.

A priority review, which happens only when a serious public health issue is at stake, is completed within six months. Recent research indicates that treatment with a combination of Plavix, a drug that inhibits the platelets that cause clotting, with aspirin dramatically reduced the risk of a heart attack.

The Sept. 10 granting of a quick review is based on the results of the landmark CURE (Clopidogrel in Unstable Angina to Prevent Recurrent Events) study, recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Clopidogrel is the generic name for Plavix. For more information about Plavix see RxList.

The research involved more than 12,000 patients from 28 countries who had suffered a heart attack or had unstable angina, which happens when inadequate amounts of blood reach the heart.

The combination of Plavix and aspirin, which removes blood clots and eases blood flow, became apparent within six hours, according to the research. This article from The Doctors Guide to the Internet explains the results.

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